Updated Action Plan – Week beginning 8th May 2017

‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Date Week


Planned Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
8/05/2017 ·         Finish editing the script and adding any extra sections that were suggested in last week’s showing.

·         Make sure all costumes have been planned and organised and props have been sourced or are being sourced.

·         Use Directed study to also continue writing up the project and adapting action plans etc.

·         By the end of the week I ensure to have all my set pieces off book, specifically paying attention to my Queen Katherine monologue as I haven’t yet had a chance to do this due to working on group pieces.

·         We need to start having rehearsals for the link scenes/ ‘framework’ script so that we can block them and make sure everyone understands their relevance.

·         Source a backing track for Bring on the Men

·         Start to learn lines for the link scenes.



·         Personally I will continue to publicise the performance through flyers, social media and word of mouth.

·         We now have our marketing schedule that indicates who is designated to publicise actively on social media for the week. These people are: Jack, Lou, Jess, Faye, Lucy and Harry.

·         A new and updated trailer has been however some changes need to made before being posted publically at some point this week.

What will you need to do your various activities this week?

·         I will need to have a computer with internet access so I can continue to do character research and write up my rehearsals and action plans. This could be either in the library or a computer room (although the library has the advantage of having any books that may be needed to assist research).

·         I will also need a computer or my ipad to do any writing that needs to be done.

·         Rehearsal rooms should be free as Year 1’s have finished their commission and no longer need to rehearse.



·         I was absent on Wednesday 10th as I lost my voice and needed to go vocal rest to try and get it back before Bonnie and Clyde show week next week and Saints and Sinners the following week. I used this day to make a start on learning the Katherine monologue and editing and adding any bits to the full script that need to be added.