Updated Action Plan – Week beginning 24th May 2017


‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Date Week


Planned Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
24/04/2017 ·         Tuesday 25th is an audition day at college which means we won’t be needed at college and will miss out on rehearsal time.

·         It is also an open event on the Tuesday evening and it has been suggested that people come in to rehearse their pieces during this time to help promote the show and give an idea of the kind of things prospective students will be doing. I cannot attend this as I have an open rehearsal for Amado for the same event.

·         Any finishing touches need to be added to the script and amend anything that needs changing.

·         Finish blocking the songs and scenes that need completing and start polishing and fine tuning.

·         Use directed study and whole year 2 lessons to rehearse numbers and pieces of mixed pathways, such as ‘Bring On the Men’.

·         Have a session with Emma and Sian on vocals for ‘Bring on the Men’.

·         Make sure all costumes and props are finalised and have been sourced or are being sourced.

·         Work on individual character research and also clarify any relationships and storylines that involve other people.

·         Use Directed study to also continue writing up the project and adapting action plans etc.

·         We need to have a group session on Rebel so that we can start learning our harmonies and working on the piece as an ensemble.

·         Source any relevant backtracks that are needed and begin rehearsing with these. Ask Paul about recording him playing come to a party.




·         Now there is a marketing schedule delegating individuals to post updates on Facebook and social media to market it to our friends.

·         Continue to share Leah’s original GIF logo teaser trailer

·         This week the responsibility falls to Josh, Sian, Leah, Vicky, Jordan and Hannah.

  • We need to set up an event page and invite friends and share on social media.
  • We need to finish filming for Leah’s Mockumentary Trailer and then post this for the public to see as soon as possible.
What will you need to do your various activities this week?

·         We have been warned that due to the Year 1’s commission ‘Art and Life’ next week, rehearsal spaces will be prioritised for them.

·         However, we can try to arrange a rehearsal in which we know there will be a rehearsal space available. This is so we can run through the piece instead of simply talking it through.

·         For any meetings we will have to use communal spaces such as the bistro so not to use up rehearsal space.

·         For Friday afternoon, we have already agreed that we are all available to rehearse, getting permission from Lynn to miss her lesson.

·         I will need to have a computer with internet access so I can continue to do character research and write up my rehearsals and action plans. This could be either in the library or a computer room but I will also bring my ipad to do work from too.


·         Work still needs to be done for the script and so I have decided to involve myself more and help more actively with the writing process to make sure we have a full first draft script asap.

·         On Friday morning Emma, Sian, Jack and I all filmed our footage for Leah’s short mockumentary style film trailer.

·         We were all unable to meet up for a rehearsal on Rebel, as there was a college trip in the morning and not everyone arrived back in college at the same time. Therefore this needs to be rearranged.

·         I continued to work on developing my own character and engaged in conversations with those who my character interacts with and has relationships or crossing storylines with to ensure we were all on the same page and understood what our characters were like and why.

·         I took my character research further by answering the questions in preparation for the mockumentary footage and also the RADA teachers 10 questions to develop characters.

·         We still need to source the backing tracks for all songs. Paul is unable to record for Tom and I due to his busy schedule but is going to suggest a site we might be able to buy the music.


Here is the link to my daily progress this week