Updated Action Plan – Week Beginning 1st May 2017

‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Date Week


Planned Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
1/05/2017 ·         Monday 1st is a bank holiday which means college is closed and we will be missing a day of rehearsals.

·         I plan on writing some of the link scenes for the script so that we can get a full draft out to the company.

·         This week will largely be without the tutors as they will all be focusing on the year 1 project ‘Art and Life’, which runs Thursday and Friday, with technical and dress rehearsals running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

·         Tuesday 2nd will be our first sharing of our progress so far and an opportunity to read through any new script.

·         Continue adding any finishing touches to the script and start polishing pieces and looking at having set pieces and songs off book.

·         Use directed study and whole year 2 lessons to rehearse numbers and pieces of mixed pathways.

·         Also use these sessions to gain feedback on all pieces, not just pathway specific.

·         Make sure all costumes and props have been sourced or are being sourced.

·         Use Directed study to also continue writing up the project and adapting action plans etc.

·         I will continue to rehearse and develop my characters and bring this to scenes and all numbers that I am in.

·         We need to plan a group rehearsal for ‘Rebel’ and sort out how we will arrange this and what we will do regarding accompaniment.



·         Personally I will continue to publicise the performance through flyers, social media and word of mouth.

  • We will have the teaser trailer posted out for the public to see on social media.
What will you need to do your various activities this week?

·         Due to the Year 1 commission performance being this week there will most likely be limited on rooms and the priority will be for year 1 students.

·         We will have to create a schedule or plan in advance which rooms are being used and when to avoid any clashes. However we may be able to share spaces if necessary.

·         I will need to have a computer with internet access so I can continue to do character research and write up my rehearsals and action plans. This could be either in the library or a computer room (although the library has the advantage of having any books that may be needed to assist research).

·         I will also need a computer or my ipad to do any writing that needs to be done.



·         On the bank holiday Monday I ended up spending the whole day writing the ‘framework’ script, including link scenes and scenes that set the context for the set pieces.

·         I thought it was important someone took leadership and got this done rather than just talking about it.

·         I collected all the scenes and extracts that would feature in the show and talked to those involved individually, to try and get an understanding of the context and characters to ensure the script I was writing worked and suited them.

·         I managed to get a whole draft script completed by the end of Monday night and sent this to the entire company that night ready for the read through the next day.

·         On Tuesday we had the progress showing and were able to identify the pieces that need the most attention and also any moments in the script that need adjusting.

·         It became apparent that we are not yet at a stage where all pieces are off book completely although the majority were. The main issue is the lack of chorography being completed for the dances, as these were mostly still incomplete.

·         I met with Tom on Friday to rehearse ‘come to party’ and work with the new backing track that was suggested by Paul at our progress showing.

·         Lynn organised for anyone singing in the show to have a session with Bethany (visiting vocal tutor) and so I met with her to rehearse Bring on the men, my opening line in Saint Jimmy and the group number Rebel.

·         We managed to sort out the vocal parts for Rebel and finalised that Jess will be playing the piano and Tom may be adding some guitar.

·         The Trailer has been posted on social media and another is being planned and filmed.


Here is the link to my daily progress this week.