Updated Action Plan – Week beginning 17th April 2017


‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Date Week


Planned Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
17/04/2017 ·         Continue to write and devise scripts specifically the link scenes between pieces.

·         Be at a stage where only one more draft is needed until the final script is complete.

·         Have a rehearsal for each piece at least once this week.

·         Make sure we have made a decision on costumes and props for each scene and that these are being sourced.

·         Continue to rehearse and develop my character and apply this to the scenes and numbers that I am in.

·         Use Directed study to also continue writing up the project and adapting action plans etc.

·         On Wednesday 19th we have our Work In Progress showing where every group for each piece has to present a brief of the stage they are at, the challenges they have faced and how they are intending to move forward.

·          Therefore I will have to meet with each of the groups of people I am in scenes with and plan what we are going to say to ensure a clean and concise presentation.




·         Continue to publicise the performance through flyers, social media and word of mouth.


What will you need to do your various activities this week?

·         I will need to have a computer with internet access so I can continue to do character research and write up my rehearsals and action plans. This could be either in the library or a computer room. The library would probably be more useful in case there are any books which I wish to get out.

·         In order to rehearse efficiently we will need a room to do so, such as e0.50 or e0.44 if these are free.

·         To rehearse Bring on The Men we will also need a devise that we can play music from and sufficient internet connection to play the backing track from youtube.

·         For the work in progress to be beneficial we will need every cast member present as well as the tutors so we can all explain our progress to them and receive any necessary feedback. As the presentations will be recorded we will also need recording equipment, such as a camera or a phone.



·         We are not yet at a stage where the script is close to being finished and so I am putting myself forward as someone who is happy to take more of a prominent role in this side of things and help get the script sorted so that everyone has a copy and can make a start learning their lines and have a better understanding of the shows narrative arch as at the moment there seems to be confusion.

·         The work in progress went well, despite not having found much time to plan these presentations in advance.

·         Tom and I managed to meet and discuss the points we hoped to cover in the presentation beforehand, and also iron out any confusion as to why and how our characters link and whether Tom was playing the same character throughout or not.

·         Marketing wise I have managed to start spreading the word about the show through social media and word of mouth, and as a company we are talking of plans of making a trailer to help publicise the show.


Here is the link to my daily progress this week.