Unit 12 Project Breakdown

Project Breakdown

Task 1a  


My Initial Proposal of Ideas Powerpoint PresentationPeers Proposal of Ideas Presentations 

Evaluation of Proposal Presentation

My second proposal and developed ideas


Task 1b Action Plans Action plan tables

Daily rehearsal logs

Task 2 Research Bibliography

Initial research on ‘Saints and Sinners’

Research for 3 proposed ideas

Cabaret Research

Research on scenes involved in

Character Research

Production Research

Task 3a Records of initial stages of rehearsal process

Records of marketing/promotions ideas


Task 3b Work in progress videos

Work in Progress evaluations


Task 3c Records of rehearsal process

Records of Production process

Records of Marketing process

Records of Meetings

Task 4 Theatre Royal website and Box office information

Video record of first performance

Video record of second performance

Performance Photography

Audience feedback

Task 5 Evaluation of performance

Evaluation of process