Task 5 – TIE Presentations

Video Evidence of Presentation of Ideas

The Link to my Powerpoint Presentation for more information and detail on my idea can be found below:

TIE Powerpoint Presentation


Playlist to peers TIE idea proposal presentations



I wrote brief notes on my classmates ideas, and here is my list of notes:

  • Emma: Emma’s idea was to do a timeline of the life of Florence Nightingale. I think she could have prepared her idea a little more, because I think it didn’t do the idea justice. However, I think the idea is a really interesting concept.
  • Jack: Jack’s idea was based around the idea of geography and history. I really like the concept of this idea , but I personally find Punch and Judy puppets quite scary, so I think we would need to work around this idea or adapt it, for the audience’s sake.
  • Leah: I think Leah’s idea is really relevant to the history of Bury St Edmunds, as we have had a lot of workhouses in the town. I do think, though, that this might be slightly inappropriate to the audience, depending how young the children are.
  • Daytona: Daytona’s idea was based around internet safety, and I think that this is a really important issue. I do worry that this idea is used a lot in T.I.E so we would have to work in insuring that it was original.
  • Harry: I liked Harry’s idea because it involves a quest and I think that’s something the children would really like to see. However I think that the stage might become cluttered with too much stuff going on at once, so when devising this piece we would need to be careful with that.
  • Josh: Josh’s idea was also about bullying, and I think we need to be careful with looking at this topic too much. I do really like the idea of doing it in a panto-style though. He also came up with a concept for a piece to do with science, and I really like his ideas with this as they are quite interesting and sound like they would be funny to watch. I would have liked his workshop idea to be more developed, but I think that would come when devising.
  • Hannah: Hannah’s idea was to do with biology, which I thought was really creative. I think her workshop idea could be more developed, but her idea was very out -of-the-box, which means it would be interesting to perform and devise.
  • James: James’ idea, like Leah’s, was all to do with local history. I think that this made the idea very interesting but not very original because of the fact that it was about the man that the town was named after. I think he also tried too many ideas in the presentation which made it hard to follow.

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