Task 3 – Planning

Audition Requirements and Application Deadlines 2016

BA – Acting

SCHOOL Definition of


Definition of



Other Parameters Application


ALRA Shakespeare – no non-human characters or chorus. Post 1970 – no Berkoff, Godber or Kane. No longer than 2 mins; no chairs.  ALSO – 30-second piece to camera about yourself.  

Beginning of April 2016



Arts Ed Classical (heightened text) Post 1980 2 mins – max

Duologue scene – provided.

1st March 2016


Birmingham Shakespearean/Jacobean

They have a list you MAY choose from

Last 20 years No more than 2 mins each. Song at recall no more than 3 mins. 15th January 2015 – UCAS


Bristol Classical, (pre 1800) preferably Shakespeare and in verse. “modern” No more than 4 mins total. Unaccompanied song (no pop songs); sight reading. 28th February 2016



Central Two from supplied list Post 1960 – no film scripts Unaccompanied song AND Mus Theatre song! 15th Jan – UCAS


Drama Centre Shakespeare/

Contemporaries; VERSE

Post 1830 15th Jan – UCAS


Drama Studio London  




1 or 2 year accredited diploma course. No specific deadline


East 15 Shakespeare/Jacobean.

No more than 1.5 mins

Post 1950. No more than 2 mins  3rd contrasting modern speech 15th Jan – UCAS



GSA Pre-1800

Own accent and playing age.

Post 1950

Own accent and playing age.

 Shakespeare Sonnet 15th January




Guildhall Shakespeare/Jacobean


Post 1956 3rd contrasting speech any period. Unaccompanied song 25th Jan


Italia Conti One from supplied list. After 1870 No more than 1.5 mins each 15th Jan



LIPA Shakespeare from supplied list


“naturalistic speech written between 1890 and 1980” MT song (accompanied)


Own devised piece. Criteria not published yet! Last year involved a news story, an alarm clock and a roll of wallpaper….


500-word written review of live theatre performance or film



15th Jan



Audition fees not on website!

LAMDA Elisabethan/Jacobean 20th and 21st Centuries No longer than 3 mins each and clearly contrasting.

Song at recall

1st March

£49 by Debit

£63 by cheque

Manchester School of Theatre Shakespeare – blank verse After 1970 3rd speech, own choice. No more than 2 mins each 15th Jan



Mountview Shakespeare Post 1979 No film/TV.

Own accent and playing age.

Max 2 mins.

1st February


Oxford Shakespeare


Modern No more than 1.5 mins each 31st May?



Rose Bruford  

16th/17th/18th Century or ancient Greek


After 1960 –

‘not verse’.

15th Jan







Post 1960 – no Chekov or Shaw.


Unaccompanied song in recall

1st March

not announced yet – probably around £65

Royal Scottish  Shakespeare only – preferably in verse Contemporary – from living writer. 1-3 mins

Sightreading at recall

15th Jan via UCAS Conservatoires. £20 registration plus £45
Royal Welsh Elisabethan/Jacobean 20th/21st Century Unaccompanied song at recall 15th Jan via CUCAS Conservatoires

£20 registration

plus £47


Personal application progress



  • Application Sent
  • Audition date 13th November
  • Paid £50
  • Attended


  •  Application sent via UCAS
  • Direct Application also sent via Surrey Portal
  • Audition date 19th November
  • Attended


  • Application sent
  • Audition date 23rd November
  • Paid £63
  • Attended
  • RECALL audition 6th December – NO PLACE


  • Application sent
  • Audition date 26th November
  • Paid £45
  • Attended

Arts Ed

  • Applciation Sent
  • Audition date 13th December
  • Paid £45


  • Application sent via UCAS
  • Audition 19th December
  • Paid


  • Application sent
  • Audition 15th December
  • Paid

Manchester Met  (MMU) 

  • Application sent via UCAS
  • Audition date 4th January
  • Paid



  • RADA
  • Italia Conti
  • Rose Bruford
  • Oxford
  • Royal Scottish
  • Royal Welsh




2 thoughts on “Task 3 – Planning”

  1. Beth, this is an excellent overview of the requirements of each of the places you are looking to apply to but I don’t have a clear picture of the plan you have – will write more later but I’m getting kicked out by the caretaker


  2. Beth, this table works as very good supporting evidence for Task 1 as it clearly shows you have researched an extensive range of institutions and that you have extrapolated the key information you need but, what it doesn’t do is clearly show your ability to plan and organise yourself within a time frame. The table is the starting point of your planning – it provides your ‘need to know’ information with regard to audition material you need to prepare etc. but we are looking for evidence of your planning ability – which you clearly have because you HAVE sent off applications, you have done a UCAS application and we have seen the Personal Statement that you have written and staff have written references for you and you now have a series of interview / audition dates at LAMDA, GSA, Guildhall, Bristol Old Vic, Arts Ed and Manchester amongst others – it’s just the evidence for this is not clear. Please look again at the task and you will see I have identified where the evidence is unclear:

    Task 3 You will need to develop the following:
    • A timeline / calendar YOU have created going from September 2016 – May 2017 showing the following:
    o when applications for the various options you are considering open and close PRESENT IN THE TABLE BUT NOT SHOWN IN A CLEAR TIMELINE / CALENDAR
    o your own personal deadlines for learning / preparing application / audition material – NOT PRESENT
    • An Action Plan showing:
    o how you are going to achieve the deadlines you have set yourself – NOT PRESENT
    o the resources you will need to use in order to be able to achieve the deadlines you have set yourself – NOT PRESENT
    o what specifically you need to prepare (i.e. minimum number of songs / monologues to ensure that the spread you have will hit all the parameters across the various establishments and what those songs and monologues are)
    o the financial implications of particular options (e.g. audition & travel costs, course fees if you get offered a place, living expenses etc.) – PARTIALLY PRESENT
    • A log / record of interviews / auditions applied for and the outcomes of these (Did you get offered an interview? If you did, what did you prepare and how did it go? What was the outcome? Did you get a definite or a conditional offer? What were the conditions?) (These will be added to your Portfolio as they happen!) – NOT YET PRESENT EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE GOT INTERVIEWS / AUDITIONS THROUGH AND YOU WENT TO YOUR FIRST ONE ON SUNDAY

    • Personal timeline/calendar from September 2016 – May 2017
    • Action Plan
    • Log / record of interviews / auditions (template as will not yet have started process)

    If you are keeping this evidence in another location e.g. a portfolio please will you reply to this comment on here so that the audit trail is clear for UAL but also message me as I will not receive a notification that you have replied, thanks


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