Saints and Sinners – Read through of new script

First read through of full script  

Here is the playlist for the videos of the first read through of the full script that I sent to the company the night before:


Here are some of the notes and feedback received after our sharing:

  • Jack – Needs to write an opening Speech where he introduces the idea of the club at the end of time, where fact and fiction blur at the edges and is almost a metaphor for purgatory.
  • Sian and Tom – the Guitar in Seduced is a bit too percussive, however this may simply be because the guitar he was using wasn’t the best quality and so the sound wasn’t the best.
  • Chloe – song cracking, show blocking and become character. Paul suggested speaking the parts too low for her register.
  • Jack – ‘Put yourself out there’ –change.
  • Josh – not posh enough ‘ Girl’ – change.
  • MELODRAMA – Set up spoof melodrama in act 1. Come in altogether??
  • Sian and Hannah – Shopping and Fucking, think about my action and reactions. ‘Bogota’ Hannah.
  • Leah – watch loose women and Tess Daley and Claudia Winkleman
  • Daytona and James – Talking with terrorist rework.
  • Tom – write in script, birthday and middle name.
  • POSH boys scene – mention party earlier
  • Come to a party – ‘Don’t be a twerp’ instead of jerk and change smashing to amazing.
  • Josh – why were the photos an experience for the retina?
  • DANCERS – Take me to church, work fast!!
  • Scott – in an earlier posh bit or just before, the reason you’re so nice is his faith. Change raven hair and Esmerelda to make more relavant.
  • Sophia and Jess – Work on harmonies for poison apple. Possibly cut?
  • Lou – Rochester or Sir? Jimmy blurring fact to fiction. Moving from Eddy -> Rochester.
  • Harry – don’t call her ‘Baby’ in the final scene was a bit too different from the archaic language in Jayne Eyre and Henry VIII.
  • Josh – Start lighter and then become more serious
  • Hannah – start like an actress.


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