ROSE – Character Research FMP


  • 22 years old.
  • Waitress at Saints and Sinners night club.
  • From a reasonably well off family that is close friends with the Rochester family.
  •  Although she is well off, she doesn’t like the idea of having everything handed to her on a plate, which is why she gets a job at the club.
  • She doesn’t really associate herself with her families status and wealth and prefers to just be normal and not have to live by their rules.

Character Traits

  • Strong Willed
  • Stands up for what she believes
  • Feminist
  • Anti-men
  • Doesn’t want to get hurt or messed around again
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent



  • Married to Edward (a member of the Posh boys group).
  • Recently separated with Edward after finding out he cheated on her with another girl, Jane (who is much younger).
  • Edward and Rose were childhood sweethearts and got married at 19.
  • They are family friends which is how they first met.
  • They went to the same school as each other, however Edward is 2 years older.
  • He proposed on holiday in Paris and their parents paid for the wedding.
  • Rose doesn’t like the way he uses his wealth to be rude and get his own way.
  • Their relationship started falling apart because they wanted different things and Ed was always flirting with other girls and taking Rose for granted.
  • Rose ends the relationship when she finds out that Ed has been having an affair behind her back.
  • They have not yet had a divorce as the whole thing is very recent.
  • Ed still thinks that he can win Rose back and tries to make her jealous by bringing his new girl to the club with him to flaunt in front of her.
  • He also tries to prove that Rose still loves him by challenging George (posh boy) to ask her out on a date, thinking that she would say no.


  • Works at the club with Rose.
  • Friends but not exactly close.
  • Rose doesn’t agree with the way she flaunts herself around and objectifies herself.
  • They are very different personalities and classes with very different upbringings.


  • Works at the club with Rose.
  • Best friends.
  • Rose connects with her as she is on a similar intellectual level and relates to the feeling of wanting more to life than working in a bar.
  • Met through working at the club.


  • Rose’s employer.
  • She gets on well with Jimmy despite her husband not being the biggest fan of his.
  • He is very protective over his workers and especially Rose and the other waitresses.
  • Even though it was Ed who got Rose the job at the club, Jimmy is very much on Rose’s side.
  • They have a lot of banter and jokes between each other however Jimmy does sincerely care about her (and the other waitresses too).


  • George is part of the Posh boy group however Rose hasn’t met him properly before as he is away travelling a great deal.
  • George asks Rose out as part of a bet to try and prove to Ed and the other Posh boys that he can get anyone he likes to go out with him.
  • George is extremely charming and smooth talking.
  • He is also terribly arrogant and cocky.