I really loved the way the programme was set out and put together, as it managed to merge the line between the concept that the audience were part of the this world we had created where the audience members were also at the club watching the entertainment and action as it unravels, whilst still subtlety recognising that is a Conservatoire EAST production and providing the relevant information an audience member need (cast list etc).  Moreover, the headings and introductions in the programme were written as if they were addressing a club audience member. This was achieved by using phrases such as ‘Saint Jimmy welcomes you all to a night of entertainment’ and also by splitting the cast list up into sections dividing the club staff, the entertainment, and the customers, and heading them with titles such as ‘tonight your hosts were’ – before listing oh charcaters (Saint Jimmy, Maddie, Rose and Lulu) and then our actual names beside this. By putting this in the programme I think it helped the audience understand the concept and made them more relaxed and willing to play along with the immersive feel as they had a better understanding of what we were asking and knew that we were encouraging it.

I thought it was brilliant how the Production Arts student’s got on board with the whole notion of creating this world that we bring the audience into, and how willing the team all were to involve themselves in this idea to, by giving themselves names and charcaters of their own. If they hadn’t of done this I think it would have made the whole piece feel rather amateur and unrealistic as it would break the illusion of reality we had worked so hard to authentically create and invite our audience to join. So by giving themselves names and listing these in the programme under ‘club staff’ it once again reinforced the idea that the audience were at the ‘Saints and Sinners’ club – rather than Conservatoire EAST, West Suffolk College.