Marketing Process

Marketing Rota

Sian kindly put together a marketing rota after our discussion about doing so on Thursday 19th April. As discussed she has allocated around 5 people per week (inc. Techies) to make sure that they are sharing the event on there social medias and anywhere else they think is necessary to start to accumulate interest around the show and hopefully push people to book their tickets. The plan is that at the end of each week someone will check that the 5 people allocated have shared the event and then count up the number of ticket sales for that week and the total tickets sale. The last week clear as we are hoping and presuming that by that point everyone will be successfully pushing ticket sales.

Another thing that was addressed in our first marketing meeting was that we needed to make an event page on Facebook that we can invite friends and family to and share across our social media sites easily. By having this set up it will hopefully help spread the word of the performance around a diverse range of people, as well as give us a rough idea of how many people might be attending the event over both performance dates (as it tallies up the number of people who have accepted the invitation and confirmed they are coming, as well as indicating those who have said they ‘might’ be coming and those who are unable to attend). We were all in agreement that we should do this sooner rather than later to ensure that we can reach as many people as possible and make them aware of the date before they become otherwise engaged and therefore cannot attend. As Lucy is part of the production arts team she offered to do this on behalf of the rest of the company.

Marketing rota

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