Waitress Costume

Leah was the member of the tech team who was assigned the waitresses to negotiate costume ideas with us, and the whole process was very quick an distraught forward as we all were on the same wave length when it came to what we had in mind. The first suggestion Leah made was to be in basic black and white waitress style costumes with an apron, however Emma, Sian and I felt that it was perhaps a bit too stereotypical waitress like and reminded us more of a restaurant uniform rather than having the glitz of a club. One thing we all knew was that we wanted to be wearing matching or similar dresses so that we looked like a united group. Therefore we came up wth the idea of using the dresses from New York State of Mind (which was performed at Conservtaoire EAST the year before we joined) as there were lots of different variations on the same style dress so we would have lots of options.

Unfortunately, we could only find 2 of each dress so we couldn’t all wear the same one which was a shame but wasn’t a massive problem as all of the dresses were very similar and so it wouldn’t look too out of  place if one of us was in a different one. We decided that Sian would probably be the charcater who would wear the slightly glitzier dress as it fits her sassy personality and want to be noticed all the time. Leah confirmed that we could make this more like work uniforms by having have small waitress aprons to tie round our waists with a pocket at the front to put our notebooks in. We also all decided on wearing character shoes on our feet as they suited our outfits and meant we were all the same, as well as being practical for moving around the stage.