Wednesday 24th May 2017 – Immediate post show 1 reflections

As soon as I got home after the first performance I wrote down any moments that sprung to mind that didn’t go as planned or could be improved ready for the second performace of our show. Obviously these notes are just from my point of view, from being on stage, and there are most likely going to be more moments that need working in addition to this, however I will write about those moments after wtahicng the performance back and once we recieve our directors notes at our company call.

In the meantime these are the reflections I have made on any weak moments in our first performance:

  • opening – my mind went blank and so I skipped to the first line I could remember ‘no photography allowed’. Sian saved it by starting the fire exits line and from there we all managed to get back on track
  • st Jimmy. Sian slightly hesitant on entry
  • personally st Jimmy number feels quite awkward and silent on stage especially during our opening
  • bring on the men better! It felt very hesitant and the end note was quite weak. I’m finding it hard doing the bits in unison as the timing is so free and singing against people who can’t sing in tune is difficult.
  • I’m worried it looks as if we don’t know what we are doing in real life as we are all watching each other for when to come in and tried to make it part of the acts after lynn suggested it

Act 2

  • The whole conversation with Maddie about what her and Jane were talking about got messed up as a cue was missed and so I missed my entry to start the convo so there was a moment of silence before Jack rescued it by jumping to his line saying ‘I think I’ve worked it out, ed is cheating on her is the the midget’ and I improvised around this saying ‘very funny’ etc
  • monologue – even tough I started it with Alas, sir, because it’s so ingrained in my head as starting with ‘Sir I desire you do me right and justice an bestow your pity’ I managed to loop round and go back to this and then repeated a tiny bit but I managed to get through it. I think because of the panic I speed up a lot and went quicker than I should have.
  • The end line missed from Harry saying that George only asked rose out for a bet which then means my she doesn’t find out the information and the next section of dialogue doesn’t make sense. Sian still said her line ‘ her that wasn’t that for a bet?’
  •  I had to improvise around this and pretend to be surprised and not know and then to decide to go anyway. It was all a bit sudden and didn’t make much sense logically however it managed to tie the loose plot holes together thankfully.
  • I also received the feedback that the Mics were unbalanced in the end song and that certaim people’s voices were overwhelming everyone else’s.

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