Tuesday 23rd May 2017 – Dress/Tech day

Video footage of Tech Run

Lynn’s notes from tech rehearsal 

  • Waitresses – your formation was a bit off centre for the H&S announcement.
  • Sian can you make, ‘and it’s rude’ a bit more cheeky rather than headmistress?
  • St Jimmy – waitresses can you stay more central in in more of a definite formation for your bits of the song – we lost both Emma and Sian behind the bar and Beth looked a bit lost and alone!
  • FX – Jordan, can you make sure the track goes very low in the middle when Jack is doing the introduction – it’s vital that we hear him.
  • Jack – you missed ‘just like chocolate’ I think?
  • EVERYONE – make sure your volume is MASSIVE especially if you follow an amplified song.
  • Sian – watch out for your default folded arms.
  • Props – can we get James a newspaper please? (Staff room has them)
  • Vicky – it seemed there were bits of Charlie’s Angels you didn’t know…
  • POSH boys – when the change of music comes in Charlie’s Angels, can you give us a bit of reaction to cover the shift in energy.
  • Tom – remember to make a grab for Chloe as she passes – it’s why Jimmy tells you off.
  • Waitress scene after Jimmy’s telling off, bring it more central – don’t cling to the bar.
  • Sophia L – ask me about the ‘face-hiding’ position.
  • Well done James and Lou and tech for coping with the new bit
  • POSH boys – listen out for the empty couple of musical bars during BOTM – and give a bit of raucous filler.
  • Don’t forget to keep the action STILL behind Jess’s second dance in Hellfire.
  • Sian & Tom, the flirting over the announcement and guitar twiddling after Hellfire is lovely but needs to stop once the ‘guitarist’ is announced.
  • Remember EVERYONE Tom is going to play ‘Hallelujah and I Love Her So’ before ‘Poisoned Apple’.
  • Tom – remember NOT to focus on Jess and Sophia.
  • Beth – are you going to start the Katherine speech at ‘Alas’?
  • Zoe – can you be either Tiffany or in your BOTM costume for the final song.
  • Faye and Sophia, can you hold hands for the final song please.

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