Monday 22nd May 2017 – Katherine monologue rehearsal

I spent the morning trying to learn the rest of the Katherine monologue as Rose, which I deliver to Ed at the end of the show after he accuses Rose of being just as bad as him. I sat on my own trying to go over the lines and make sure I could link the sections I learnt the day before with the new section without making mistakes.

I then met with Lynn to go through the monologue and talk through the meaning to make sure I was 100% confident with the entire speech as we hadn’t yet had any time to go through it or work on it together. I think Lynn was confident in my ability and knew I would be able to understand the context and make it fit my character and I think that is why she wasn’t worried about spending copious amounts of time working on it with me before now. Although I am flattered by this, I was so thankful to have some time going through the speech with her just to make sure I was on the right track.

We started off by Lynn testing me on the words, and I explained how I am worried about learning it all alongside the new script, so she suggested cutting some of it if we could find a logical place to do so. In Lynn’s opinion she thought that the first section wasn’t actually needed in context with our story and the characters situations, as it refers to her being ‘a stranger born out of your dominions’ which lynn interpreted as meaning she was foreign; which although in the context of the original is true, in the context of our show I read it as hinting to the fact Rose sees herself as different from Ed as they live in two different worlds. Nevertheless, I am happy to cut this section from the beginning of the speech if needed. She also suggested cutting the last few lines and ending it with Rose saying ‘then turn me away’. This was something I was hesitant about at first, as a lover of Shakespeare I knew that finishing in the middle of a line isn’t technically accurate and sounds out of rhythm and unnatural. However, after debating this with Lynn for a while we explored the idea of how we could make this a dramatic choice, rather than an inaccuracy, as naturally Rose may have been unable to finish her sentence due to the emotion and therefore simply walks off before she says something she may regret. I felt this would definitely be something Rose would do, and it shows how she is superior in the sense she knows when to walk away and doesn’t want to waste her time on Ed anymore. It may be that Rose continues the rest of the line in her head but doesn’t vocalise it to Ed as she just wants to walk away from the situation and leave him and the life she had ther  behind. In retrospect this is a decision that will actually help fuel my characterisation and gives me a deeper meaning and subtext to the speech and my reasons for ending it where I do. Although I think the original last from my first edit if the monologue worked equally well for having a strong and definite ending, I think by leaving the monologue on a half line has a different inpact and almost leaves the audience in suspense, as well as isolating Ed as charcater even more.

Lynn was interested in my characters back story and if there was a reason Rose goes into full on Shakespeare and what this means for her charcater. I explained the whole back story I had created about how Rose is actually from the same background as Ed and the posh boys and she grew up with Ed as their families are friends and they get married very young, however Rose didn’t want to be defined by her money or rely on her parents to fund her to do things as she wanted to feel self fulfilled and independent. Ed got her the job at the club, which she wasn’t pleased about at first, but accepted it as Ed meant a lot to her and it was a compromise to Ed could still keep his eye on her. I explained to Lynn about how

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