Sunday 21st May 2017 –

I’ve spent my Sunday desperately trying to learn my monologue for our performance this Wednesday. It has been a massive challenge juggling Saints and Sinners alongside the season musical Bonnie and Clyde, as both are incredibly demanding, but the way my brain works, I like to get one thing out of the way before focusing on the next, which naturally has given me very little time to prepare and learn the majority of Saints and Sinners, as our show opens only a few days after Bonnie and Clyde has finished . While this is not ideal in anyway I know it can’t be helped and that it just means I am going to have dedicate every waking hour to learning the updated script and my monologue for saints and sinners (as these are the parts I am less confident with).

I decided to learn my monologue using the technique of colour coding the text and splitting it into sections by identifying where the ends of thoughts are and then as I become confident enough to recite this, I learnt the next section in isolation and eventually work at linking them together and building it up this way. This is a technique that really works for me and is even better if you have someone to help you  by testing you and alerting you when you have made a mistake. When learning monologues in this way I usually have a rule that whenever I make a mistake I have to go back to the beginning of that section and start again until I get it right.

Here is a link to the colour coded version of my script that shows how I split the Shakespearean text into the individual thoughts.


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