Friday 19th May 2017 – Group Rehearsal in costume (script in hand)

Rehearsal Video playlist 


Here are a few notes Lynn has given us from the group rehearsal of Saints & Sinners 19th May 2017:

  • Jack & Alex – can the track be ready for ‘St Jimmy’ for Monday
  • Chloe: Don’t drop ‘Unspoiled’ vocally – we NEED to hear it. Have a high pony tail? Keep tension & energy in moves until the next move, don’t go limp in between. Acknowledge the applause – if only with a smile and a thank-you to the audience.
  • Emma & Posh boys – work out the bending over bit.
  • Lou – go off to the ’toilet’ not to the bar.
  • Angels & Demons – remember about filling the intro with the dialogue and action (WE WILL WORK THIS OPENING ON MONDAY)
  • Jess: Acknowledge the applause at the end.
  • James: Can you have a newspaper to read as Brendan? (You need to find one, Ted might be able to help) ALSO remember ALLLLLLL the ‘th’ sounds. Work hard at this. Don’t get it wrong! It’s important for the audience to be able to understand the accent. The accent is coming along well.
  • Lou: – Make Caroline VERY posh and Tory wifey. I need to show you the bit to cut out all the specific names. (Tebbit, Eric etc)
  • Jack: Make sure the actual announcements sound like announcements to contrast with the ‘asides’ and the ordinary conversation pieces. I’ll look at the intro to St Joan as it’s still not quite right.
  • Waitresses – sit down round the table during St Joan.
  • Josh: Remember ‘get’ not ‘git’.
  • James: You need to remember to bring both a coloured tee shirt for Brendan (preferably green – it’s a political thing) AND plain black and a black baseball cap for the ‘techie’ in act 2.
  • Scott: Don’t forget he should say ‘When I saw the Russian ballet…’ rather than ‘when WE saw…’
  • POSH boys look at those lines that end with a ‘…’ and don’t assume it means the next line interrupts it.
  • Lulu and Ruby – sit on edge of stage
  • Hannah: Make sure the voice is proper skanky!
  • Josh: Let Sloane start on the stage
  • Dancers – I think you’ve worked out when to come on & go off, haven’t you?
  • Can we get a really tight end on ‘Take me to Church’?
  • Scott: Follow your heart towards Jess at the start of ‘Hellfire’ so that you end up just right of centre rather than in front of the table.
  • Everyone – remember to ‘clap’ silently after Jess’s first dance in Hellfire and after that go back to your chatting & drinking.
  • Sophia: Do your solo verse out front thoughtfully, rather than direct to Jess (as we discussed).
  • Beth & Jack: Look at Erica’s suggestion for the end line. Also, take out ‘slut’.
  • Jack: Can’t remember where this comes, so don’t forget to write in your ‘munchkin’ line instead of the ’12 year old’.

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