Tuesday 9th May 2017 – Dogfight rehearsal

Tom and I met with Paul after choir this morning to go through the backing track with him to sort out the timings and see if he had any ideas of how we could potentially edit the track to fix any of either problematic areas.

Thankfully Tom had managed to get hold of the first few pages of sheet music which meant Paul could follow the music through as the track played so he could identify whether it was accurate and the points where the music changes time signiature. As Tom and I had suspected there were some extra bars added to the track in some places which is why it felt different to what we were used to after listening to the soundtrack. As well as this Paul confirmed that the time signature of the song changes several times which is what was catching us off guard, in addition to the fact towards the end of the song there is a rall so the music slows down significantly and then picks up tempo again. Paul explained that this was probably because the backing track was recorded to a click track, meaning everything was done rigidly and almost robotic in its timings. The best thing we can do is practice over and over again with the backing track so we become more used to that than the original recording.

Paul helped us by acting as by acting as a click track and keeping the pulse throughout the difficult sections to demonstrate how the timing changes and to help us feel where the beats should be landing. He also suggested that Tom didn’t come in so forcefully at the beginning of phrases especially in the end section as it sounds quite funny and out of place having an accompanied section and then waiting for the track to come back in, but if he spoke these lines it wouldn’t sound too staged and out of place. Once again this is something we will need to work on in our next rehearsals.


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