Friday 5th May 2017 – Rebel singing rehearsal

We hadn’t yet done any work on the finale company song for ‘Saints and Sinners’, and this was starting to worry me a lot as I know that the majority of our company are not the strongest singers and that if we still wanted to add harmonies we were  starting to run out of time. Luckily as Bethany (vocal tutor) was in today we were able to have a session with her where we went through the song as a group and taught everyone the tune and alocated different groups various lines in the song, as we felt it sounded too much with everyone trying to sing everything at once.

One of our biggest problems is that there isn’t any sheet music available for the song and so everything had to be worked out by ear. Thankfully Jess plays piano and tends to learn accompaniments by ear, so she took on the task of figuring out the chords on the piano and playing for us in today’s rehearsal and will most likely also be doing so in the show. One thing I really struggle with is singing in groups of people who struggle with pitching and can’t sing in tune, because I have a musical background I just can’t comprehend how people can’t hold harmonies or hear that they are not singing the right notes. I am always conscious of how I react in these sitautions as I don’t want to appear rude or inconsiderate as I know everyone has different strengths, however I sometimes fail to hide my reactions and show my frustration or discomfort for poor pitching on my face.

I originally thought that it would work better to split the verses further into separate lines or phrases and have these sung as solos, as the style of song has lots of embellishments in the vocal line which could be difficult to sing in unison cleanly. However I didn’t want to dictate the session or feel like I was making all the decisions so I decided to go along with the idea of singing in groups rather than as solo lines.


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