Tuesday 2nd May 2017 – FMP full script read through

This morning the whole company met together and we had a read through of the first full draft of the script (which I sent to the company the night before). We staggered through the whole script, going up and presenting the individual scenes and songs/dances so far and then the relevant people reading in any lines they had newly scripted in the link scenes. I found doing this super helpful as not only did it show where we were up to in terms of progress with each indivual scene and how much work we need to do, but it also helped us see the through narrative of the show and how everything pieces together and how the characters storylines intertwine. Obviously I knew how this all fit together as I wrote the script, however for lots of the cast this would be the first time that they would have seen all the different charcaters storylines and how each piece fits into the narrative. From speaking to my fellow company members this was something that most people found really helpful and reassured them that we actually have the basis of a show that works.

The following videos show the recording of this read through (please note the devise we started recording on ran out of battery and so we had to restart recording the end of the show in a separate devise, meaning some moments may potentially be missing).


After watching these videos back I have identified the areas that I personally really need to focus on in order to give a performance that I am pleased with and shows my skills of to the best of my ability. At this stage it is safe to say I am not at this point at all, which is probably as I have been putting most of my focus on organising the script and writing scenes for other people; however I am hoping that now I have got the majority of this out of the way I should now be able to focus on my own individual acts.

Bring on the Men 

The dancers for ‘Bring on the Men’ had only choreographed a small section of the dance routine so far and so performed this for us to show their progress so far. It doesn’t corncern me too much that they haven’t finished choreographing as lots of movement can be charcater driven rather than full on choreography for the beginning of the song and the verses. However, I am aware that the dancers are falling behind on lots of their choreographing for most of the numbers and they really beginning to run out of time. If they end up not being able to choreograph enough to fill the entirety of the song, I suggest that they simply stick to just creating a routine for the dance break and the ending as the rest of this can be simple movement and have the girls walking round interacting with the Men on stage. From a singing point of view we need to run the song together as we have only done this on one occasion before and some of the singing was a little pitchy at times. However up till this point it has been one of our lesser priorities so far as we all are able to figure out and practice our parts independently. I personally feel that my singing for this number is relatively strong, as I already knew the song before and feel the lyrics in my section gives my charcater sufficient motivation to perform this convincingly. Although Sian, Emma and I didn’t get up and sing this in this showback, I was quietly singing along wits my relevant sections so that I could get an idea of how it fit in with the dancers routine and to give me the opportunity to practice with the track – but I don’t think Emma and Sian were as confident to do this.


Tom and I had rehearsed ‘come to a party’ a few times and


Queen Katherine 

The one that worries me the most at this point is my Queen Katherine mononlogue as I haven’t yet had a chance to learn the speech at all due to being so tied down with the other elements that involve other people and thereby need to use my college time to do these rehearsals. I know that I am usually quite good at learning lines relatively quickly and so I am not too worried about not managing to learn it before the show, however I am also very aware that this needs to be my main priority for the next week as it is my moment to show of my acting skills and specifically my ability to deliver Shakespeare. I must say I did surprise myself in the way I managed to deliver the monologue, despite not having looked at it in a very long time, and how I managed to make it seem relevant for the scene and not stand out as being out of place in relation to the rest of the dialogue before hand. Thankfully the scene just beforehand is Jane Eyre which obviously also uses archaic language which really helps the audience accustom to the change in language before my speech.


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