Monday 1st May 2017 – script writing

As today was a bank holiday I spent my whole day working on the script as I felt that it wasn’t getting done quick enough and that someone needed to take charge and start piecing it together and writing scenes to link the pieces as if not it wouldn’t get done and we would still be writing the script in the weeks to come when we should be rehearsing! I ended up spending the whole day sat at my laptop writing the script, editing sections that needed reworking and contacting  people involved in various scenes to find out information about their characters to ensure it made sense.

As Emma and I made so much progress when we had our video call on Saturday, we decided to do this again this again so that we could continue to work together to write some more of the script. I had also worked on a few link scenes in my own time and so ran these past Emma to make sure she was okay with the dialogue I had added as some of them involved her charcater. Our main focus for the morning was the melodrama as the current version just didn’t make sense in the context of the rest of the narrative and character storylines. The people who had written it originally had mixed up the charcaters in the love triangle and so it just didn’t make sense and was all generally very confusing as they hadn’t researched the characters or asked us about the content that was needed.

We started by pulling apart the original bit of script and highlighting the areas that didn’t work and then reworded it and swapped names around so it made better sense; however we ended up just having to rewrite the whole thing. One thing I really wanted to achieve when writing the melodrama was the use of language and overly dramatic acting style used in traditional melodramas and to spoof this completely in a satirical way. This is something I think the first version failed to capture, and this let it down and didn’t stand it apart as a melodrama and just felt like another scene. So when writing it I suggested using words like ‘Wench’ and adding typical comedy moments that would have appeared in melodramas, like character confusions and repeating of phrases between the characters and various other techniques that I learnt about when studying melodramas earlier in the year.

We had to ensure that the people involved in the melodrama all had equal lI’ve distribution, as the first version didn’t include James much and we felt that for it be a strong piece (and be fair)  it was important he had enough to say. Also, from a comedy point of view, as James will be imitating a female and therefore putting on a high pitch voice, this will most likely provide a lot of the comedy in the scene.

Emma and I also had to write the scene that comes before and leads up to the melodrama so that it doesn’t just come from nowhere and makes sense in the storyline. We decided that Daytona’s character (Caroline) will have overheard the conversation between Jane and Maddie (Lou and Emma) at the bar about how Rose and Ed are still married even though Jane is dating him and in her drunken state decides it would be funny to act this out as it just like the drama in a reality tv show. From this Caroline pulls up her friends to the stage and encourages them to join her acting it out in a mocking way. When writing it we also decided it would be a good idea to have some interjections from Emma’s character (Maddie) who is frustrated by the scene and tries to point out its inaccuracy. By doing this we thought it added a sense of reality a purpose to the scene as a whole, so that it didn’t feel so staged ano out of place. Originally I was asked to write the melodrama for the group of people who had been allocated it, however I was reluctant to accept as it wasn’t my designated job and I was wary of coming across like I was taking a job away from them and not giving someone with less to do the opportunity. However, I am so pleased I did take control and rose to the job in the end as I really enjoyed writing the melodrama and the scenes surrounding it!

After Emma and I had been on the phone to each other for a good hour and a half we thought it was sensible to have a break and talk again later in the day to share anything else I managed to write. I wanted to have a rough full script by the end of the day (ready for when we go back to college on Tuesday so that we could have a company read through and a structure to the show that everyone could understand) so wanted to get as much done as I could before then. I know that I can write more quickly on my own and so decided to draft up some scenes during the rest of the day as well as collect up all the extracts of script being used in the show so that I could piece everything together and get a copy to them before tomorrow.

As previously mentioned, when writing the link scenes before individual numbers I made sure I contacted the people involved in the songs/scenes to ask whether they already had ideas on what they wanted to include in the the dialogue in the run up to and afterwards. I also had to try and find out what some of the characters names were so that I could reference them in scenes and write link scenes for them. I had no idea what James’ charcater is called as he had failed to respond on the group Facebook page, so I had to message round several people to find out, which then brought on a discussion about the fact he needs to have two separate characters with speerate names for the melodrama and talking to terrorists. As he didn’t response himself,  we decided to name his ‘talking to terrorist’ charcater Brendan (as it is an Irish name) and Dave for the melodrama.

Jane and Rochester dialogue 

I wrote a short exchange of dialogue between Jane and Ed to set up the relationship status and establish that Ed is a liar, so that when more is revealed later in the show it would make a bigger impact. This takes place just before the ex-confrontation dance and a a very short exchange merely to fill the audience in with the background information. I found this scene very straight forward to write as I am involved in the love triangle and so know what needed to be included.


On Saturday 29th we had the dilemma where a character plot had been created for Scott and Emma that didn’t work in relation to the other plots and was too similar to my characters plot as it involved them being married and so we had to work around this and create an alternative backstory. I proposed the idea of Scott’s character being one of high morals but struggling with the fact that he can’t control his eye for other woman and is constantly tempted by others meaning he can’t fully commit to a relationship. This lends itself to his song Hellfire, which is predominantly about lust; in the song Scott’s character, James, is singing about the lust he feels and fantasy of his dream girl (which is played out through Jess’ dance).  I wrote a short scene before the song between James and Tom’s character, George, to set up this prospect.

I messaged Scott about this to check he was okay with the decisions and whether he wanted to contribute anything to the idea and if he felt it worked for him. I also sent him a copy of the short link scene over to him before adding it to the script, just to make sure he was happy or if he wanted to change or add anything. Thankfully Scott was happy with the result and so I added it to the script.


Poison Apple

I wasn’t too sure about the context of this song or whether it was a Cabaret act at the club or a charcater song and so I had to collect this information from Sophia and Jess before making any progress with the scene. Luckily Sophia replied quite promptly and so I was able to figure out the context for the song and create a scene out of it. Jess told me that the song was about warning someone to not jumping into a relationship and being wise, and so I used this to inspire me to write a scene that refers back to the right Sophia’s characters partner has with her ex and how this might have affected her. I decided that Jess’ charcater could be giving Sophia’s charcater (Carli) advice and reassurance after seeing the events that happen earlier in the show. Although the dialogue is brief I think it sets up the scene enough and gives them a reason and motivation to sing the song, so that it doesn’t just come out of nowhere.


Dogfight posh pre scene 

Although I had already written a pre scene for dogfight several weeks ago, I decided to write an additional scene involving the posh boys immediately before to set up the idea of the dogfight bet and establish the reason to why George (Tom) asks Rose out on the date. I was slightly ambivelant as to whether the whole idea of asking the ‘ugliest’ girl out made sense in the context of our show in regards to the fact that Rose is supposed to married to Ed (one of the Posh boys) and if Rose was ugly they probably would never have gotten together as Eds charcater is so shallow. Therefore, I decided the bet could originate from the dogfight idea of finding the ugliest date, but that this turns into something more when the guys get competitive and Ed challenged George to ask out Rose as he believes she wouldn’t say yes as he still loves him. I think this made far more sense it in terms of context and helped add to the narcissistic and vanity of the posh boys.

I wanted to double check that the scene I had written was suitable and worked for the posh boys and so I messaged Harry (who has been coordinating the posh scenes) for him to look over what I had written and get his approval before adding it to the official script.


Man of the moment pre scene 

The only thing I already knew about this scene was that it is a pre recorded video of an interview that will be played as if being shown on a mobile devise. I had to think of how the idea of playing the video could arise out of the conversation and what the purpose of doing so is. As usual, I messaged the people involved to ask if they had any ideas or information they wished to share with me before I wrote it, so I could ensure that it was right and suited the needs of the piece. I also requested that they sent me the script of the scene they would be filming so I could get any idea of the language and characters featured. Thankfully both Josh and leah replied separately and provided me with the information I needed to make a start!



From the information I received I was able to write a scene between Jimmy, the waitresses and Jill; where Jill shows us the video of her interviewing a man who hadn’t had sex for 15 years as a response to a conversation between the waitresses where they are complaining that men are all about sex. I think the pre scene I’ve written comes across as quite natural as it comes from a conversation that is ongoing throughout the play (the waitresses complaining about the posh boys) and the charcater Jill showing the video is a response to this. This natural flow is something I really wanted to achieve as I personally hate it when a story is disjointed and randomly out together.

St Jimmy Cabaret Introductions 

When piecing the script together I had to write some of Jimmy’s introductions for the Cabaret acts, although when doing so I only wrote a rough outline as I was sure that Jack would most likely be improvising around this, involving the audience and bringing more of his character to his speech. I know that Jack is doing more charcater research and trying to develop more of a backstory and thought that he might want to bring some of this to his introductions.

Shopping and Fucking pre scene

On our original running order plan, it indicated that the shopping and fucking characters would be introduced in a brief pop up scene that introduces the charcaters ready for their actual scene later on in the show. I had a rough knowledge of the charcaters and the situation as I am good friends with Hannah and Sian who are acting in it and have sat in on some of their rehearsals and so had an idea about the kind of thing I could write, and I’m obviously open to them changing this if it doesn’t end up working for them. As Sian is also a waitress at the club I thought her charcater might be a bit apprehensive about her drug dealer friend hanging around and so decided to use this as the stumlus for the conversation. I messaged Han to find out whether she aneeds Sian had written or devised anything already to set up the scene and she was hesitant as to whether they would still be having this scene in the narrative. Personally I think that it is important we set these charcaters and their relationship up early on in the show so that when we visit it later it makes sense to the audience and that is why I took the liberty to write the extract of dialogue, to give them the option of using and show where it would be in relation to the rest of the script.



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