Saturday 29th April 2017 – FMP Script problems and reworking

This morning I managed to read through the first draft if the script so far, and while lots of it is really strong, there are some moments that are extremely confusing and don’t make sense in terms if character storylunes clashing and not making sense.

The main one being the new storyline that was created for Emma Croft’s character, Maddie, that explores the idea of her being in relationship with Scott’s character (who is one of the posh boys) but quite frankly it doesn’t make sense and comes completely out of nowhere. My concern is that from the beginning we set Maddie up as being one of the shyer waitresses who is trying to get over her ex, which is why myself and Sian, as the other waitresses, encourage her to find someone new and get over her ex, let go and have fun (Bring on the Men). This new addition to the storyline of Maddie (emma) being with Scotts character added more problems than solutions as it would mean changing the set up to ‘Bring on the Men’, and it gets too confusingly similar to the storyline going on between my character (Rose) and her love triangle with Harry (Edward) and the other posh boy (Tom) asking me out and treating me badly. Moreover, I couldn’t see any dramatic reason as to why this extra addition to the storyline was added in as it didn’t seem to add anything to the characters development in the show and shifted the context of many other pinnacle moments in the show so that they now made no sense. Another thing I noticed was that Scott’s character had been called James in the script, however I was told that Tom’s character was called James and this had already been worked into the new lyrics for our Dogfight song. Obviously we can’t have 2 charcaters with the same name and similar storylines as the confusion would be far too great, and so I needed to resolve this as soon as possible!

I decided to raise this with the rest of the writing team and Emma via a group message so that we could figure out the best way to resolve this and to hear their reasoning behind changing it.


I have several ideas as to how we could potentially resolve this matter and I’m hoping that if I write up some ideas over the bank holiday weekend and share them over our group message we might be able to figure something out before returning to college on Tuesday for rehearsals so that we can continue to move forward and finish the script.

I also messaged Harry (who helped coordinate the Posh scenes) to find out what a Scott and Tom’s characters were called as there seemed to be some confusion around this. According to Harry this is the casting for the Posh boys scenes:


I wanted to make sure everyone else was kept in the loop as well and so I posted a which message on the communal Facebook group so that everyone will know that there is likely to be  another version of the script to learn rather than the one posted the other day.

However I assured everyone that it wasn’t a big deal and that we would be sorting it asap!


I obviously also let Scott know about the changes we needed to make and the reasons for this as it involved him and how he might progress and develop his charcater. Scott was slightly apprehensive at first as he didn’t want to lose his charcaters back story, however once I had explained the reasons for needing to change this and offered him an alternative idea for his characters backstory that could similarly fuel his reasons for singing ‘hellfire’ he seemed more open to this change.



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