Friday 28th April 2017 – FMP

This morning myself, Sian, Emma and Jack met with Leah (tech team) film some footage for the Mockumentary style trailer that Leah was putting together. We were hoping this would help us with our own character development as well as help us with promoting and marketing the show by sharing the video around to generate interest.

Leah had organised some questions that she was asking each of the charcater that she was interviewing and then filmed our responses. We wanted the feel of this to be as natural as possible and the last thing that we wanted was for the footage to look like it was filmed at college and so we had to be very specific when picking our filming locations. We were originally planning to film in a bar in town called ‘Edmundos’ however we ended up declining this idea after being informed that this is also where the posh boys were planning on filming and after discussing this as a group we came to the conclusion that it would be more interesting to feature several different locations instead. Therefore we decided that the best option was to film in on different the practice rooms at college, as it could look like a staff room at the club, and from a practical point of view this would be easier as it meant Leah didn’t have to worry about transporting the equipment across town and then back again before our cinema trip after in the day.

We found an area in the practice room block that could pass as a staff room, and so we filmed here, and set it as if the waitresses were getting ready for their shift at the club later that night and so were doing their make up and chatting. I suggested this idea as I felt it would make it seem more natural and less staged as it showed everyday action that would be bound to happen in this situation.

Personally I felt that the questions leah presented us with didn’t really give us much leeway or opportunity to delve into our charcaters and portray any of our backstory or relationships with other charcaters through our responses, especially as we all had to answer in the same video. On the other hand, having us all answering the questions as a group did mean we could work off each other and react to each other’s responses. I used this a lot as I felt my charcater isn’t one who would necessarily throw her opinions in everyone’s faces and I showed a lot of my charcaters feelings through facial expression reactions and remaining silent when asked things instead.

Here are the messages sent to those involved to try and organise the filming for this morning:


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