Monday 24th April 2017 – Trailer mock-umentary plans

We held another meeting with the tech team today where we discussed Leah’s idea of creating another trailer that is more in depth than the initial teaser. Leah initially posted on our communal Facebook page and raised the idea of perhaps showing rehearsal footage or alternatively having several character interviews to help set up the storylines before the show and create a bit of intrigue around the plot and characters.


I really loved this idea, especially as I felt the first trailer was very short and didn’t give much indication of what the show was about, or even that it was a performance at all, as it simply featured the logo and the dates, so people who had no idea about what ‘Saints and Sinners’ is would be no better informed after watching the trailer. Nevertheless I did think the GIF inspired logo teaser was a good way of spreading the intrigue around the prospect of it and spread the word and the dates around quickly. I obviously mentioned this in my comments above, and then went on to propose that we went with the second option leah suggested which was the documentary (mockumentary) interview style videos.

The reason for this being, I know from an audience the whole concept of the club and the interlocking storylines that run through the piece may be slightly confusing or less obvious on  surface level and therefore by establishing some of the characters right from the off (before the show has even started) the audience will have a prior insight into the types of people they are and then are more likely to feel some kinda of connection to the characters and their situations as well as understanding what’s going on. It was suggested that we could use an adapted version of the footage to feature at the beginning of the show, and although I love this idea in isolation, I’m not too sure whether this would work in relation with the immersive theatre style we wanted to incorporate at the beginning of the evening (with the audience entering the auditorium as if it was the club and they were also attending). However this could be something we discuss further as a group, as it may well be that we could afford leeway with artistic licensing for this minor detail.

We were all in agreement that the interview style was a good idea, and from an actors point of view it will actually help our character development as well as providing good footage for the publicity trailer. The majority of the company were quite happy and confident in creating a charcater profile and back story in preparation for the questions we might be asked in the filming, however as we are obviously not all on the same pathway and some people (such as the dancers) were not as confident in doing this independently, so we decided to set some set questions to look over and think of answers as your character. Some of us were introduced to a charcater building technique in our ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ rehearsals to help our charcater research, which is written by RADA tutor, Dee Cannon, and is essentially an expansion on Uta Hagen’s 8 questions. So we decided to share this with the rest if the company who are not part of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ so that they could ask themselves these questions in character and start to build some depth into the characters they aren’t playing so that they start to feel like real people. We hoped this would help guide those who are less confident with character work know what kind of things they should be exploring and as a tick list for the more confident actors so that they can double check they are digging deep enough.

Here is the Dee Cannon article about the character building:

Character building and what makes a truly great actor

I answered the questions covered in Cannons article in a separate post about my character research which you can find via this link. 

The following people have been asked to feature in the documentary trailer: 
St. Jimmy (Jack)
Waitresses (Beth, Emma, and Sian)
Posh boys (Tom and Harry)
Douglas (Josh)
Caroline (Daytona)
Sophia and Faye

Here are the questions Leah suggested as the starting point for the interviews. The idea is that the charcaters are each being interviewed about their experiences at Saint Jimmy’s club and as a way of generally getting an ideas of the kinds of characters and people they are, as well as setting up their storylines prior to the show.  We should answer each of these questions in detail as our character, thinking about the reasons for their responses and how they might deliver these.

These are the questions for the customers:

How have your previous experiences at the club been?
What is it about the club that keeps bringing you back?
What do you think of the staff?
What do you about Saint Jimmy?
Would you recommend Saint Jimmy’s to other members of the public? Why?

These are questions for Saint Jimmy and the Waitresses:

What is your favourite thing about working at the club?
Do all of the staff get along? (Think about mentioning kitchen staff, stage crew, come up with names if you want)
What do you think of the customers you get in the club?
Would you change anything about the club if you could?


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