Monday 24th April 2017 – ‘Come to a party’ rehearsal

Tom and I met up this morning to rehearse ‘come to a party’ and attempt to make a start that rewriting some of the lyrics together to fit our characters and make it more British. This is something I made a start to in my own time, however I wanted to do this with Tom as I felt that it was important for it to be a joint effort and discuss the possibilities together.

We started by listening to the original Broadway track together and singing along with our parts, however when we reached a moment that we thought needed to be changed we paused the track and discussed possibilities of words we could replace any Americanisms or words that didn’t fit our context with more appropriate alternatives.

Eddie (Spoken):
Well I better GET off soon. Gotta get to a party. Say maybe you’d like to go with me.
Rose (Spoken):
A party? Oh well I um…
Eddie (Spoken):
Well if you don’t want to go just say so.
Rose (Spoken):
Well it’s just…I mean…well…I just met you.

Eddie (Sung):
Well you know my birthday now. Shown you my middle name.
See I’m an open book, have a look, ITS NOT SOME pick up game.
I heard your pretty voice, then we saw eye to eye on all that music stuff,
not on fluff, we didn’t have to try. Now isn’t that rare, that kind of connection.

So why not come to a party with me, so why not come to this party.
A five piece band I’ll take your hand Rose and twirl you around.
Buy you a drink, don’t stop you think, say yes. Come to a party with me, just say yes.

Rose (Spoken):
I don’t know JAMES

Eddie (Spoken):
My old man’s always saying you can’t win the ashes if you don’t turn up to the trials. Sometimes you’ve gotta gamble Rose, you can bet on me.
Eddie (Sung):
Born in Shepards bush, to humble Christian folks. My old man raised me right, real polite, no tellinG dirty jokes.
A Perfect peter type, eat every brussels sprout,
my mothers pride and joy, golden boy, your average (rest) QUEEN scout.
Now look in these eyes, theyRE NOT gonna hurt you.

So why not come to a party with me. Come on! It’s just a party.
A great excuse to cut it loose Rose and do what you feel. Hey just for a night, no holding tight, let go.
Let’s go. Come to a party with me, gonna be a real nice time, Come On, what do you say?

Rose (Sung):
If I go, well you know THE GIRLS would be here on THEIR own. THEY would die,
I could lie, I couldn’t lie to my, if I go THEY would know.
Look I’m not ready, we’re closing and JAMES I still gotta work.
Come on don’t be TWERP. Give it back JAMES stop, look I still gotta mop,
Plus I don’t really drink. See I really don’t think I can come.

I can’t just get up and go. THEY needs me around.
I’d like to but I… JAMES come on, I’ve got work to do, please.

Eddie (Sung Overlapping Rose):
Come to this party with me, look you can’t miss this party.
You’ll meet my friends and when it ends Rose I’ll race you right home.
Oh why cap the knife, we’ll grab a bite, table for two, just me and you,
candles and wine and intertwine..


Eddie (Sung):
You’ll miss out on one hell of a time. Should be one rousin party.
Well…I’m glad we met, I’ve gotta get, Rose, gosh you seem GREAT.
Still it’s a shame, I thought if you came, who knows. Maybe we coulda…

Eddie (Spoken):
Have a good night now.

Rose (Spoken):
JAMES wait! I’m going with you okay! Just let me finish my shift first.

Eddie (Spoken):

Rose (Spoken):

Eddie (Sung):
What a gem! What a pick in a pinch! What a girl for this party.
You’ll waltz her in, you’re set to win once you twirl her around.
She’ll be a smash, score you some cash. (Laughs)
Off to a party with you.


We had a lot of fun trying to find alternative phrases to fit in the place of the original lyrics and came up with quite a few different versions before we finalised on the lyrics posted above. We had to think about what would work contextually with our characters and their situations, words that fit the syllables and rhythm of the song, as well as the setting and time frame when trying to rework the lyrics.



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