Sunday 23rd April 2017 – Melodrama discussion

Myself, Lou, Emma and Daytona were starting to become increasingly concerned with the progress, or lack of, of the Melodrama sketch that spoofs the love triangle between Edward, Jane and Rose. Although myself and Lou are not actually in the piece itself we have become involved in helping create the piece somewhat accidentally, due to no one in the actual group making any effort to devise or work on the piece. We decided that enough was enough and so took charge ourselves to conduct the group and get everyone involved in making delision as to who is writing the script and gets they want to be included. However, as expected Leah Smith and James Ingram failed to respond or contribute much at all and so we had to draw it to the rest of the company and the tutors attention by posting about it on the group page and organise a meeting for Monday to sit as a group and discuss the progress together.


What was the most frustrating is that I am not even supposed to be involved in this piece and yet I feel like I am putting more effort into it than the people who are acting in it! It seems that someone had to step in and take charge and although I know that it shouldn’t have to be me, if I didn’t do it I know it wouldn’t have been done at all and we would have be kept with an empty space where the melodrama sketch should have been. While this doesn’t affect me in the slightest how the piece turns out or whether it goes ahead or not, I feel a duty to help in anyway possible!

The biggest dilemma and thing that is holding us back is the script being written, which I have offered to help with, however we obviously can’t do this until the actors in the piece give us some suggestions or guidance in what to include!

We decided to start a discussion on a group chat about what the next step for the melodrama was and how we could make a start on it, however as mentioned above, some members of the group were unresponsive and unwilling to contribute to the progress of the piece – which was very frustrating when myself and Lou (who aren’t in the piece) are putting so much effort into getting it on its feet!




melodrama 1melo 2melo 3m4m5m7


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