Friday 21st April 2017 – Script writing Scene 1 FMP

I have offered my input into assisting with the script writing as I felt that it is a strength of mine and that I wanted to be able to put this to good use, but hadn’t had the opportunity to do so as of yet, so thought I would take the initiative to out myself forward and ask the current team (Sophia and Jack) if I could join them in creating the script.

As I obviously was involved in the conversation yesterday regarding the opening scene of the show where the waitresses and saint jimmy are setting up the club and Sian does the mic test, Sophia asked if I would read through the outline of the script she had drafted so far to see if it was okay. I offered to go through it and underline or write in a different colour font any alterations that I thought we should make to make it read better (as I obviously didn’t want to chmage this without her permission or approval, as well as the fact it is always good to be ale to look back on old versions of work just in case). There were some things that I felt needed to read slightly more naturalistically and so I changed the wording or added a few lines here and there to give bettter context but over all I was really pleased with the first draft of the scene and hope that Sophia liked and agreed with th changes I had made.

Here is a copy of the first draft of the first scene (with the alternations I have made in green): 


Prior to this I had written a draft version of some dialogue to go before Tom and I’s song ‘Come to a party’, and I wanted to share this with someone to get some feedback and approval and also that it fit the kind of style of writing that Jack and Sophia were currently writing in so that the show felt consistent. So I sent them a copy to read through and see if they liked it and thought it was suitable to use – also hoping it might sway them into letting me become more heavily involved with the script writing and development of the rest of the show!

The verbal feedback I received from Jack was really positive and he said that it was perfect and set up the scene really well (which I was super pleased about); although I am still waiting on responses from Sophia and Tom on whether they think it works.



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