Thursday 20th April 2017 – FMP Marketing and production meeting

I sat with Sophia, Jack and Emma to talk about the script and the narrative of the show and how we link each of the acts together with bits of dialogue. Emma and I explained our idea about the waitresses doing the safety announcement at the beginning of the show in character a short the waitresses rather than someone external to the action doing this. We felt it would be almost anticlimactic to excite the audience through the immersive interaction as they come in to the theatre at the beginning and then ruin the atmosphere created by dropping out of character and giving the safety announcement as it would just remind the audience that they are just watching a performance which is not what we want. Hopefully by remaining in charcater and doing it almost as part of the clubs routine then it will feel natural and   not out of place.

We then talked about the link scene that would join the ‘Saint Jimmy’ number with the next song, which is Sian’s ‘I want to be Seduced’ which is accompanied by Tom on the guitar. We decided that Sian’s character needs a motive to sing, as we generally want to avoid the feeling of songs coming out of nowhere and being sung for the sake of it, and therefore came up with a reason for her to be on the club stage. We came to the conclusion that it would make sense if Sian sings ‘I want to be seduced’ as a mic test on the stage to test the sound levels before the club opens (as we established the idea that the club wasn’t quite open yet at this point) and that Tom (as his performer character) is also on stage tuning his guitar, which is why he accompanies her for the song.

Talk about production and marketing

The entire company met together this morning to discuss the technical side of the show again, as several complications had arisen since our last group meeting before half term. We rarely get the opportunity to meet as an entire cast with the tech team as well due to our timetables, so it was important that everyone attended and that we’re on the same page when planning our individual moments so that we ocud make sure it is doable.

Firstly we discussed the logo and whether we want to use some of the different suggestions for different means of promotion (such as the brochure, Facebook event, flyers, programme, projections, tickets etc) or whether we should remain consistent in our advertising, to avoid confusion. We agreed that although everyone’s suggestions were strong, it would make more sense if we just used the logo that was used in the season brouchure for all means of publicity, as that image is going to be the one that is in people’s head when thinking about the show. By keeping the logo the same we are creating a solid brand that people will recognise and immediately associate with our show.

Although oringally everyone agreed that the logo I put forward would be the official logo of the club that was projected on stage at all times, it seems that this idea has been pushed aside without anyone informing me which although I understand, I am slightly upset about not being told as it seemed that everyone was in agreement that it was a storing and clean backdrop logo. Nevertheless, the new projection image that Leah had created was equally as strong and perhaps worked better as it used the motif of the signature ‘Saint and sinners’ logo that we used when advertising, however Leah had developed this by turning it into a moving ‘GIF’ image instead. The final product looks really professional and the use of the neon colours refelcts that one would expect to see in a night club.

•logo of club projected gif logo (movement)
• black flat projected onto wall of jimmies office instead of back wall as it prevents issue of lighting
•office being a VIP area instead as it makes sure it is being used – show power
•smaller tables and chairs
Extra bit of steel deck (10 bits of steel back)
•2 one ft 6 2 ft
•black red blue yellow (colours of logo)
•tom wanted pyros but we can’t as budget is too small
•shelf as behind the bar shelf to putt drinks on with a lighting effect to give the illusion of neon lights
•Bin bags in the corridor to give an idea of alleyway – immersive
•people queuing up outside club
•cocktails we sell to make it look like the one in the club
• Steel deck and the haze vacuum – means we won’t actually be able to do the idea of splitting the audience to different exits
•two shifts of people – but complications of if



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