Wednesday 19th April 2017 – Jane Eyre love triangle – FMP

I had a short meeting with Lou after registration today to talk about our characters and also talk to her about her extract of Jane Eyre as I was hoping it might help me figure out the dilemma of how all these different character relationships tie together and what stage of the relationship Harry and Lou’s characters are at the point of them performing the extract of Jane Eyre.

I took photos of the script extract so I could read through it in my own time and refer to it when writing new bits of script to contextualise the scenes and also when developing my character. I highlighted some bits of the dialogue that immediately jumped out at me as not making sense in the bigger schemes of the story and made some suggestions as to how we could edit this slightly to meet our needs. The main problem was that Jane refers to my character as being his wife and also the fact that they are still together, however in a previous discussion with Harry and Lou we decided that it would make more sense if the characters were just in  long term relationship rather than married, as we didn’t want to be forcing our casting age to an unrealistic level as well as the fact that it wouldn’t make sense for Rose to agree to go on a date if she was still married? Therefore we came to the conclusion they had JUST broken up.

I proposed that we changed two of the lines near the beginning of the extract to this:

I proposed that we changed two of the lines near the beginning of the extract to this:

Jane: No no it is impossible. You are with that waitress girl. I must leave you now.

Harry: She doesn’t matter anymore Jane, do you mean to go one way in this world and let me go another?




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