Tuesday 18th April 2017 – Character concept – FMP

I am having some difficulty trying to figure out a clear way to string together some of the character story lines together and fitting the pieces I feature in into the narrative whilst still fitting the character backstory and relationships with other characters that we had already introduced. First and foremost the thing that I am finding the hardest to shoehorn in and figure out my characters motivation for is the ‘Queen Katherine’ speech from Henry VIII as at the moment it seems rather random and I am not quite sure of the context it is coming from and the character circumstances. Obviously I am not going to be performing it in the same way that it is portrayed in the original play, as my character Rose is not married (unlike Katherine in Henry VIII) and later accepts a date with Tom’s character (‘Come to a Party’). I am hoping this will all become a lot clearer once we have all been able to sit down as a group and discuss each of our characters backstories and how each of us had imagined their relationships working out, as at the moment most of our character research and development has been done in isolation due to the holidays and so there is the possibility that our current ideas could be conflicting one another and not make sense together. By sharing the picture we have in our minds as individuals it might give us some clarity and help us agree on a solid outline regarding how all the relationships fit together, that works for all of our pieces and story lines.

I started off the process by initiating a conversation via our online group chat so we could try and make a start at figuring out the relationship between Harry’s character and mine and also how Lou fits in, before our presentation tomorrow as I was concerned that we might all have interepreted it differently and had separate ideas on the matter.

Originally it seemed as if Lynn was suggesting my character and Harry’s were still married, despite Harry being involved  with Lou’s character, and that my monologue was a result of this coming to surface. However personally this didn’t seem to make sense one regards to other things that happen in the narrative such as why my character is in ‘Come to a Party’ where she is asked out on a date by Tom as a bet. Therefore we decided that Harry’s character and mine could have recently broken up but he is still always around (as he is a regular at the club where she works) and is rubbing her nose in the fact he is in new relationship.

Although Toms character is one of the Posh boys, I had the idea that he could have been someone who had been away travelling for a while or something similar and that is why Rose doesn’t know him as well – as realistically if the posh boys were all regulars she would know who he was and the whole fake date concept wouldn’t work, as well as the song lyrics not making sense! This made sense in my head and seems like a reasonable solution for the dilemma, however I will need to run this past the rest of the group to get their opinions on the matter.




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