Dogfight script ideas

Initial ideas & process 

I wanted to write the script for the link scene before mine and Tom’s song, ‘Come to a Party’, myself as I know the whole concept of the characters and their relationships is really confusing and something we have only just got our heads round ourselves, and therefore thought it would be far simpler to do myself as I already have the knowledge and understanding.


Script draft 1  

Tom approaches Rose to ask her out for the bet but notices her looking upset after seeing Jane and Harry together.

Tom: Hey, what’s the matter beautiful?

Rose: Oh, nothing. I’m fine. I should get back to work.

Tom: What’s a girl like you doing working in a place like this?

Rose: it’s really not that bad…

Tom: you don’t sound too convincing!

Rose: …aha…it’s just hard working somewhere where your ex is a regular…

Tom: ahh I see

Rose: but I guess you’ve heard all about it from Edward? Anyway, how come I haven’t seen you in here with the boys before?

Tom: I’ve been away for a while. Travelling. I’m just dropping by to visit family for my Birthday next week.

Rose: oh, well happy birthday for then…sorry what did you say your name was?

Tom: George. George Balfour.

Rose: Rose

Tom: Anyway, I better shove off soon got to get to a party.

Rose: A birthday party?

Tom: Just a party. Say maybe you’d like to come with me?


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