Wednesday 12th April 2017 – Melodrama planning

Before the Easter Holidays we made the decision that the Melodrama was now going to be a spoof of preexisting characters from our show, rather than finding a published script to use as we felt that if we did that it would likely to feel as if the idea had just be shoehorned in for the sake of it rather than necessarily adding anything to our narrative. It was decided that the actors involved in the melodrama sketch would be impersonating the characters involved in ‘the love triangle’ as it was fitting of the components used in a traditional melodrama; these characters are Edward (Harry), Jane (Lou) and Rose (Me), and will be spoofed by Daytona, Leah and James. We agreed that we would want to devise the sketch ourselves, either through the group of actors involved improvising a structure or assigning someone to write the script for the actors. Josh volunteered to try and write the melodrama (although he was quite apprehensive he wanted to give it a go) and so he wanted some background knowledge on each of our characters so he could begin planning and brainstorming ideas.

Josh posted on our communal Facebook group during the Easter holiday break to check in with us and ask those involved to comment a brief outline of their character in advance:




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