Allocating lines in Bring on the Men

In our first group meeting in our small waitresses (Emma, Sian and myself) we decided to go through the lyrics for the song ‘Bring on the Men’, after having a long discussion on our individual characters and how each of their personalities differed. This then lead on to us looking at the lyrics of ‘Bring on the Men’ and talking about how we might split the verses between us. Originally Emma was going to take the majority of the song to herself, with myself, Sian and the other girls supporting her; however after looking at the lyrics further we realised that some of the verses didn’t necessarily fit her character and were more fitting to myself or Sian’s, and so we worked through the song and picked out sections and then analysed the lyrics and the reasons to as to why or why not they might fit a certain character. By doing this it really helped us develop our characters and made us think about the reasons behind why we might be singing certain lines.

Sian later sent a break down of what we had discussed regarding the song lyrics and which verses might suit each of our characters, and had managed to come up with some additional ideas she wanted to share with us. She shared these on our group Facebook chat.


I was really impresses with her ideas, especially the idea of having my character sing the verse about the Rose, as it worked so cleverly and felt like it was almost made for my charcaters! Firstly, that ‘Rose’ is my characters name, so there is that clever play on words with the double meaning, but also the way in which she talks about men in such a spiteful and almost sarcastic way, really fit the charatacter background I had began to build up in terms of characterisation.



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