Wednesday 29th March 2017 – Reflections on Lynn’s first rough running order of show

On Wednesday morning Lynn posted the rough outline of the whole show on our communal Facebook page and gave each of us a paper copy for our own use. Although there were lots of ideas that we were really excited about and easily see how they could work, there were several moments that some of us were slightly apprehensive about in regards to how it fit with the other acts and the theme; consequently some of the year 2 actors got together and held an informal discussion about our own thoughts and opinion in the running order. So, Lou, Jack, Harry, Josh, Emma and I all sat in a room together and raised our concerns and solutions to how we might solve these.

As we were going through the proposed running order for the show we took it upon us to annotate and add notes and questions to our paper copies to remind us of any ideas are tweeze we wanted to make and raise to the rest of the company later.

Here is the annotated copy of the original first draft running order:


One aspect that concerned Harry and Lou and which we were all particularly worried about was the Melodrama, and we all agreed that it felt a little out of place in the structure and framework of the show that we had created. Although this was an idea that Lou originally proposed, she felt that she would be happy to sacrifice this idea if we couldn’t find a way to adapt it to fit the nightclub theme without it feeling forced.

Here is a video of our discussion:



Later in the day we had the opportunity to feedback all of these talking points to Lynn and the rest of the class in our year 2 Acting Lesson and managed to form a new reworked outline for the show, although did it did take a while to get Lynn and some of the other cast members to understand our reasoning in regards to the melodrama and the reasons to why we wanted to cut this originally or rework and adapt it considerably!

The MT’s also had a separate conversation with Lynn in the morning which covered where we are so far, which Sophia Lerigo kindly recorded so us actors could catch up with the information:


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