Thursday 23rd March 2017 – Logo and blurb ideas and reflections

Proposed designs and blurb ideas 

While my group were discussing the structure of the show and the concept of what kind of club we wanted to set our narrative in, the other group of people went off to brainstorm ideas of potential designs of logos and a synopsis to help marketing and promoting the show.


In the instructions left to us it stated that the logo design had had to be one which  could easily be printed off in high resolution without having noticeable pixels if the image was enlarged. We also had to be very careful when choosing preexisting images and designs to avoid copyright; therefore when searching on google we were told to  filter any online searches for images without copyright that would be free to use for marketing purposes. When I began my own search for images in my own time I found that this was easily doable  by editing the advanced settings, and clicking on ‘Usage Rights’ and then selecting ‘Free to use, share or modify, even commercially’. However, after filtering on advanced options, there were obviously very limited options and many of the images suggested were extremely low resolution and generally not suitable for the use of marketing. I also found that lots of the images that were generated when searching ‘saints and sinners’ were very religion based and I personally felt that this was something we should avoid as it gives the wrong  impression of the show.

Although we were set into separate groups and assigned different tasks, lots of us have taken it upon ourselves to explore the challenge of designing a logo and writing a blurb in our own time aswell as the original group of people. Personally I am not too keen on any of the proposed ideas for the logo as of yet, as in my opinion the look of the pictures chosen are giving the impression that the piece is about religion and saints in the literal sense and I think we should stay away from this as it gives the wrong impression of the nature of the show and might not attract an audience as diverse as if we sold the show in its true light. As it is extremely difficult to find images online due to copyright which obviously limits our choices,  I propose that we create our own design instead of trying to find a pre existing one. As not only does this give us store freedom in the type of images we use and the angle we go down in promoting the show and which light we want to sell it in, but allows us to use our creativity to find something that will do our show justice rather than just settling for anything we can find.

These are some of the ideas that other members of the group have suggested already:

Lots of these ideas were posted on the company Facebook group and so we were able to comment our own thoughts and opinions on the designs and how we might change or improve them.

Lou’s Logo design

I commented on Lou’s design expressing my concerns that it gives the impression that the show will have more of a religious take on the title saints and sinners and could potentially give the wrong impression of the type of show as the main image is a picture of a monk. Here is what I wrote on the comments section of the page:


As you can see from the image above, two members of the company also agreed with my thoughts and showed this by liking the comment I made.

Hannah King’s design

I like the fact that Hannah decided not to use a ore existing image and instead merged together two separate ideas to create the image she wanted. I think the idea of having the fire ring in a circle with the title in the middle is really imaginative and cleverly indicates heaven and hell by having the flames and colours of hell and the circle shape  (much like a halo) representing heaven. Obviously in the design she drafted the font isn’t positioned quite in the centre and so would have to be ammended if used.


Jack Taylor Ball’s design

Jack proposed two separate ideas which he sketched out on paper, both of which incorpate several symbols that are murged together to form one logo. The first design uses the idea of the gender symbols, a martini glass, devils horns and the angels halo. I thought this was really creative and appreciated how out of the box his ideas were, especially the use of the gender symbols as this wasn’t something we had discussed as a group at all prior to this. However Lynn seemed to disagree with this choice and thought it was slightly random and irrelevant. Here is what some other people commented on his first design:


Jack’s second idea workshopped the two ‘S’ in Saints and Sinners with the halo and devil horn affect again. Personally I’m not too sure if this is the right route to go down as it is quite obvious and is almost an easy option and portrays the theme in quite a cliched way. As automatically when people think of saints and sinners they think of heaven and hell – but I think we should be focusing on the good and bad in everyday people. Nevertheless, this may be something we could focus on in the actual performance rather than try to demonstrate in the logo.  I think it is good that it is small and concise and so could easily be used alongside any poster design.

Emma Croft’s design

I really really liked the design proposed by Emma as I love it’s simplicity and the way she took inspiration from the clarity and brightness of night club signs. I liked the way the two words merged into one and almost looked like they were melting into one another. The image below is a picture of the font sign Emma wanted to base her design on and a brief explanation as to what the design was representing Andy her reasoning behind it.


Daytona Florian’s design 

Daytona drafted her own design which use the idea of heaven and hell and angels and devils yet again, however she also chose to use some of the preexisiting ideas and incorporated the two ‘S’ symbols from Jack’s design but decided to flip these round as if a mirror was reflecting them. In her proposed design there was also a sword in the centre of two large angel wings, however I couldn’t quire understand the relevance or reasoning behind the sword. Nevertheless I thought the design was really well thought out and obviously a lot of effort and work went on to put it together.

Photo-shopped designs

Leah Sanders a production arts student went away and brought these proposed ideas to life on her computer to give us an idea of what they each would look like off the paper.

Seeing these designs brought to life made me more fond of them as they started to look more professional than the rough doodles and sketches of the designs. As mentioned before I was slightly dubious about the use of devils horns and halos as I felt that it was almost too obvious and made it seem like we would be exploring the stimulus in the literal sense and would be performing pieces about angels and demons.

I really like the final image (originally Emma’s design) which has the words saints and sinners written in white italics with the elongated letters crossing over to create a ‘H’ shape which subtly hints at the idea of heaven and hell and cleverly uses colours associated with each of these. I also think this design looks like a realistic night club sign as it is bright and bold and stands out, without looking too tacky. I think Leah did a really good job of bringing this to life on Photoshop and that she accurately captured the kind of style Emma suggested in her initial design idea and the inspiration image she also posted. From the responses left on the example Leah posted demonstrated  how much everyone else also liked the simplicity of Emma’s design idea and the way you could read into the designs as symbolising and representing various creative things about heaven and hell.

Here are some of the other responses that members of the company commented on the Facebook page:

Emma’s photo-shopped designs 

I think Emma’s design looks even stronger now it has been interpreted on to photoshop. Here are some of the comments other company members made on the design:


Jack’s photo-shopped designs

Design 1

After seeing Leah’s interpretation of Jack’s original design, with the comments from Lynn  and others taken on board, I must agree that it looks a lot less chaotic and far cleaner and clearer without the gender sign tails making up part of the ring the devil horns sit on. Leah used colours that stand out and clearly depict heaven and hell due to the use of red for the devil horns and yellow for the halo, however personally I am not too sure on the black background it is positioned on, which could potentially look out of place if placed on a programme or poster without this colour background also.


Design 2

I think Jack’s second design definitely looks a lot stronger and bolder now it has been transferred to Photoshop and that once again the use of colour clearly demonstrates to the audience, and ‘club members’ as it were, the theme of the club. I think this image is very versatile as it could be positioned anywhere and the size could easily be enlarged or decreased depending on its use without looking out of place or under pixelated.

Here were some of the comments others made:


Hannah and Jacks combined Photoshopped designs 

On Photoshop Leah managed to combine the fire concept from Hannah’s original design with an amended version of Jacks design with the Martin glass and angel and devil design. This actually strengthened both of their images and made the whole thing less chaotic; however if I was to have the chance to amend this further I would look at tidying it up so the fire was just in centre of the design or alternatively the colours of the fire could be used as the ring and devils horns that the Martini glass is positioned in. I think this would just make the image look more professional and a lot more clean.

Daytona’s photo-shopped design 



Harry’s adaptation on Daytona’s design

Harry took it upon himself to draft up a rough design of the logo using the suggestions  Lou, Zoe and Chloe made on Daytona’s original design, using Jacks first logo a short the central focus rather than the sword. As Harry isn’t that experienced on Photoshop Leah reworked Harry’s proposal by enlarging the central cocktail logo so that it looked bolder and to scale with the wings and other components. I think this is such a good example of how ideas can develop with more than one person working together to achieve something as you can bounce ideas off of one another.

Proposed Blurbs

My Blurb


The feedback I received for my blurb was really positive with lots of people saying that they ‘Love it’ and think it is ‘definitely’ right! I was really pleased with these responses as I think it sets the tone perfectly for our show without giving much away but indicating the whole notion of the show and what might pan out over the course of the evening. I also thought it set the scene nicely and reinforces the idea of the audience being involved by the first line saying ‘Welcome to saint Jimmy’s’.

Daytona’s Blurb


Although I can tell a lot of effort had gone in to writing this, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of it being in rhyme as it suggests that this will be something that is carried on throughout the show, however because no rhyme is present in the show it seems slightly irrelevant and misleading.


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