Thursday 23rd March 2017 – FMP -Sorting through ideas (post it note wall)

The MT group decided to use their lesson to revisit the post it notes of ideas that us year 2 actors started sorting through the day before, to ensure that they also had some input on the decisions and conclusions we had made  and make sure that they were also in agreement.

This is the wall of post it notes my acting class were organising on Wednesday and the development of how we sorted through each of the ideas and then grouped them together depending on the topic or style and also how some ideas were eliminated if we didn’t think they were suitable:   


The MT group decided to take this further by using highlighters to colour code the ideas depending on the medium they would be performed in (song/dance/scene) and also made notes around the edge as to which of the seven deadly sins/ virtues these might relate to. Our acting class had also been sorting through the ideas with these in mind, however we hadn’t marked these on the board as most of our discussions were verbal, but I think it was a really good idea to do this so we could all be in the same page regardless of whether we came to the decisions in separate classes or not.





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