Monday 20th March 2017 – Discussion

Erica lesson FMP discussion notes 

  • Building a narrative
  • Location is what links them together
  • We don’t need to try and link every car and situation
  • Come up with the character first then build their stories around it
  • Nights Templar – costume inspired? For workers at the
  • Envy – Josh’s domestic abuse dance
  • Sante fe –
  • Dogfight – pride vs humility
  • Do we need to make it obvious or do we just imply it?
  • Cocktails – named after the seven deadly sins???
  • Animals and colours associated with them?
  • Purple pride
  • Dark blue lust
  • Gluttony pink
  • Envy green
  • Advice – AVOID DISNEY!!!
  • Purgatory – some people enter as saints and some and sinners but depending on how things pan out in the club and the situations and scenarios they face may change them.

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I am an acting student at Conservatoire EAST, currently in my 2nd and final year on the Performing and Production Arts Acting pathway and in preparation for moving on to the next step of training and auditioning for accredited drama schools.

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