Friday 18th March 2017 – FMP

After presenting our ideas to the tutors and the rest of Year 2 on Thursday, Lynn (who will be directing our Final Major Project) looked over all the proposals and started to put together a rough starting point for our performance from the ideas she thought might work. Lynn suggested a rough framework and starting point for ‘Saints and Sinners’ after considering all proposed ideas.

Rough Framework

Nightclub Purgatory idea

  • 14 characters are 7 pairs of punters who are Saint/Sinners (see Virtues/Sins below)
  • Then there are 4 staff of the bar who are like ‘confessor’ or ‘counsellor’ characters (which is quite a modern-mythology standard idea) for example:
  • Bar-tender
  • Bouncer
  • 2xWaitresses

Entering the club there are 7 pairs of saint/sinners ideas (or they meet when they get there) – each pair with a short introductory scenario. They might also play the audience participation Dinner Date game. Perhaps some of them come in with ‘wrong’ partner and end up with the right one. Each pair’s story instigates an item from your list of suggestions to be shown (so 7 separate stories) – these can be ‘told’ in any form (dance/song/acted scene or any combination as per some of the suggestions from the class). Some of the suggestions might be mashed up if they ‘solve’ particular story-dilemmas.

According to research there is a general moral theory that the following sins can be cured or cancelled out by specific virtues:

Chastity cures Lust
Abstinence cures Gluttony
Charity cures Greed
Diligence cures Laziness (Sloth)
Patience cures Anger (wrath)
Kindness cures Envy
Humility cures Pride

The idea is that by the time the evening is through, either the sinners have been cured or the saints have been corrupted – in whatever combination we decide.

My Thoughts

I wasn’t sure how the whole process would work and in hindsight I do think it will be beneficial to have a teacher over looking the process and steering us in he right direction in order to hit the right criteria to excel, however I know I would have perhaps liked slightly more freedom and input in how our ideas progress from here. Obviously I understand the reason we are not simply being left to devise and direct ourselves as there were complications with last year’s group, nevertheless I do fear that we will stuck with ideas that we might not necessarily want to pursue. I think these thoughts and worries have spiralled since the announcement that the framework of our performance will be based around the ‘Saints and Sinners’ Night Club, where the actors take on roles such as the bar staff and the bouncers. While I agree the concept it creative and a new skill to develop, I can’t help but think that it might come across as slightly tacky or irrelevant if it is not done well and the ideas isn’t developed further? I think we run the risk of making no connection between the immersive preamble section in the bar before the show starts and the performances that take place on the stage in the theatre one the audience have entered the auditorium.

For this reason I feel I need to raise some questions to the group and Lynn to clarify this for me, for example:

  1. Will the rest of the cast be playing other people who work in the club?
  2. Will the setting be backstage in the club or the actual acts Performing?
  3. Are our audience going to be the audience of the club or after the preamble does this become irrelevant?





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