Thursday 16th March 2017 – FMP Idea Proposal Presentations

Proposal of ideas presentations 


On Thursday we presented our individual proposals for the ideas we would like to put forward for our final major project which is based around the theme of ‘Saints and Sinners’. We each had to propose 3 separate ideas as suggestions for acts that we feel would be good to include, as well as who might be involved and how it fits into the theme of Saints and Sinners. I thought it was really interesting and beneficial to watch everyone else’s ideas across all the pathways as although lots of them were completely different and interpreted the theme in different ways, it was interesting to see how some people’s ideas might fit together or run alongside each other really well. When watching each of the presentations I took it upon me to make notes about the ideas each individual had proposed and how I felt about this, but also on how well they presented their ideas and sold these to us, their audience.

Jack Taylor Balls

  • Prezi PowerPoint presentation

Idea 1

  • Green day inspired musical from American idiot ‘saint Jimmy’
  • Tom as main vocalist
  • All boy number
  • Wants to try singing (opportunity we don’t get on acting parthway)
  • Was good at waiting to finish sentences before turning round to look at presentation or sort out YouTube links
  • End of an act
  • Very rocky music – I’m worried about finding musicians?

Idea 2

  • Full company number
  • Spring awakening – saints and sinners –
  • provoking for an audience
  • Bitch of living or totally fucked???
  • Age restriction???
  • We did the last year???

Idea 3

  • Verbatim style piece about saints and sinners in politcis
  • How a nation can be split and dictated by on person
  • Acting pathway
  • Lyrics from politically enthused songs
  • Big research task to prepare
  • Looked at iron maiden song ‘Can I play with madness’ –
  • Jack was clear and to the point when presenting and he had obviously preprepared to say as he didn’t stutter
  • He did contradict himself at times by firstly saying ‘it is political’ and then later said he didn’t think it would political.
  • He had good body language and stayed grounded and didn’t move around too much which was really good as this is a trait jack sometimes falls into.
  • The way he holds his hands in front of himself could be considered as a barrier or a nervous and protective habit however because he was still and didn’t fidget it wasn’t too distracting.

Hannah King

Idea 1 – Musical Bad Girls

  • This is my life’ – the characters want to be good – 2 girls, 1 boys
  • I shouldn’t be here – 3 main girls

Idea 2 – twisted games by David Lawrence

  • Turning a song into a scene based on the lyrics
  • Devil speaking the scene or singing it?
  • Haunting song
  • Young girl covered in blood
  • 1 actor as devil, one actor as the male and one as the young girl?

Idea 3 – Joe Orton

  • Mary McLeavey kills lots of her husband
  • A few extracts from the play
  • Presentation was clear and to the point
  • Slightly fragmented speech but this is just how Hannah tends to talk

Joshua Ely

Idea 1 – pop up scenes (didn’t explain what he meant by this)

  • Transformation between good to bad from drug addiction
  • Personal connection to someone who
  • She turned into someone who wasn’t like the person she was before
  • Very casual presentational skills
  • Doesn’t mind the casting or way it’s presented whether it’s dance or theatre etc
  • Basket ball diaries – inspiration

Idea 2

  • Physical theatre/dance that told a story
  • Inspired by domestic abuse video Helena shared
  • Frantic assembly – chair duet
  • Sian and josh?
  • Transformation of saint and sinner and how the relationship spirals down?
  • Show a filmed version of this
  • Could link to his pop up scene ideas? – same characters
  • He had lots of tabs open and links on his presentation that didn’t always work and so it didn’t always flow as well as he would have liked

    Idea 3

  • Short scenes from Entertaining Mr Sloane and Shopping and Fucking
  • Group of around 6
  • Erica to direct
  • Crossed arms – closed body language

Harry suggested taking dialogue from ‘basket ball diaries’ but Josh wants to write it himself

Harry Ladell

  • Voice was slow, good clarity and eye contact and well projected
  • He didn’t use a PowerPoint but he didn’t need it as he was clear and knew what he was talking about

    Idea 1 The knights templar

  • Bar scene – actors – inspired by a character activity – violent situation – scene will come from improvisation mainly

Showed passion but never really got to the point of how he would do this idea

Idea 2 – Gollums song – sung by one person but two personalities

  • Read us some of the text of the lyrics ‘take back the lies the hurt the hate’
  • Split personality ideas – this would be a good way of presenting
  • Could potentially go alongside someone else’s piece who is also exploring these ideas
  • One singer two dancers
  • Dancing showing a struggle between two people
  • Gollums song as a monologue or duologue?

Idea 3 –Lokesanna

  • Dialogue – scene or dialogue
  • Pagan gods – Thor
  • Harry would like to be in this
  • High energy
  • Inspired by a poem called Lokensanna
  • Loki has been invited to dinner with other gods and he has decided that he will spend his time insulting the other gods
  • Modernised? Not directly using the text from poem – it could be adapted
  • Recited some of the poetry to us clearly and then explained what it meant and how he envisioned it.
  • He is open to adapt any of ideas to fit into an overall structure
  • Presentation was passionate and clear however he wasn’t always grounded and moved around the space a lot

Emma Croft

  • She spoke while she turned and didn’t always make eye contact as she was looking at the slides – for comfort?

    Idea 1 – Jekyll and Hyde

  • Facade song – lyrics show that you never know who the good or bad people are
  • Dangerous Game – turn it into a scene from the
  • Bring on the Men – female group number

    Idea 2 – prince of Eygpt

  • Wanted me and Jessica last to sing the duet at the beginning as it suited our voices
  • Links to the theme of faith
  • The plagues – two male leads

    Idea 3 – Hunchback of Notredam

  • Heavenslight/Hellfire – songs lyrics used as monologues with Harry and josh
  • She spoke quite colloquially however it made the presentation feel natural and friendly
  • She thought a lot about castings of other members and not always herself which showed her awareness of her company members
  • Lynn asked about why she hadn’t considered using the original plays rather than song lyrics as a monologue

Sian Davis

Idea 1 – hymns with close harmonies

  • Option 1 – washed in the blood – cleansing the soul – small group
  • Option 2 – abide with me – small group – well known song
  • Option 3 – firm foundation – ensemble number – happy
  • She spoke extremely fast
  • Was helpful having the lyrics of the hymns on the YouTube videos
  • I liked how different her ideas were
  • Technical difficulties with computer freezing
  • Idea 2 – Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

  • Saints of the 40s
  • ‘Let’s call the whole thing off’
  • Tap/waltz dance instead of roller skates like in original
  • Song lyrics explore both
  • Sian and Scott or Tom

     Idea 3 – 7 Deadly sins comedic play – Ron valdenburg

  • Split up between the show – start a new section each time
  • Satirical
  • Religious based

Jessica Last

  • Good use of visual sources

    Idea 1 – dance duet about abuse in relationship

  • Pentatonix
  • Monologue over top?
  • Dance duet – herself and Scott or Tom?
  • Idea 2 – Duke box musical

  • Doesn’t want it to being fragmented
  • Structural idea

    Idea 3 – The champion

  • Adapt the song lyrics to a spoken word

perform as a monologue

Idea 4 – Apples Philippa Hanna

  • Repenting sins
  • Song uses idea of Snow White
  • I felt that her presentation skills were good and she spoke clearly and her slides only had key information on
  • Duet or solo?
  • Davis sister inspired
  • Showed us the lyrics and read them to us and explained the meaning

Tom Barber

Idea 1 – Merrily we Roll Along

  • Merrily we roll along
  • Ensemble singing piece
  • Use choir time to learn the song
  • The characters are picking up franklin after a messy


Idea 2 –Godspell – Beautiful city

  • Male solo at beginning
  • Jesus last few weeks before crucifix
  • Song is to lift spirits of Jesus’ followers
  • A bit scatty with going back and forth

    Idea 3

  • Santa Fe
  • Solo For Tom
  • Overcoming the establishment and try and make his and other people’s lives better
  • He had lyrics on the slide and read them out to us
  • He was very casual and got his personality across but this sometimes seemed too relaxed?
  • Well put together slideshow

  • Sophia Lerigo

    Idea 1 – based on pre existing musical

  • Monologue?
  • Song and dancers?
  • Seemed like there were lists of ideas that don’t necessarily link together?
  • Lots of text on her slide show and dark colours which made it difficult to read and diverted focus from her speaking
  • Confused as to what the idea was as there was so much on the slide and it seemed like more than one idea

    Idea 2 – Dance battle between good and bad

  • Music – Anastasia instrumental?
  • MT and Dancers

    Idea 3 – improvisation

  • Couples with conflicting stereotypes – e.g. Priest and murder and cheerleader and goth etc.
  • Based on restaurant game
  • Presentation didn’t seem very planned out


Scott Truin

Idea 1 – city of stars

  • Tenor/baritone – mezzo soprano (Tom and Jess)
  • Accompany themselves
  • Epilogue – through dance

    Idea 2 – Heathers The Musical

  • ‘Our love is god’ and ‘seventeen’ duet (mezzo/tenor)
  • Scenes between two songs
  • Seventeen – she doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore (shows saintly nature)

    Ideas 3 – Heathens by Twenty One pilots

  • Music Video is set in a prison
  • The film is featured in film of Suicide Squad
  • Had to keep being asked to repeat things as he wasn’t explaining clearly

    Idea 4 – Nightclub idea for structural

  • Nightclub called Saints and Sinners
  • Immersive theatre
  • Bistro turned into predrinks bar
  • Actors are bouncers at doors of theatre

Chloe Gilbert


Idea 1 – Romeo and Juliet but as angels and demons

  • Dance piece
  • Lyrical style
  • Male for Romeo female for Juliet
  • Two lovers are held apart from each other as one is an angel and the other is a demon
  • Song by Melissa otero ‘angels and demons’ – 3:44 mins
  • Song is sung by a female talking about how she has two sides to her??? Doesn’t seem to relate to the idea she proposed about lovers not being able to be together
  • Took inspiration as she did the dance at her dance school
  • Idea 2 – Take me to church dance

  • Physical theatre dance
  • Taken from the original music video
  • Two males fighting for gay rights

    Idea 3  – Beauty and the beast medley

  • Whole company number
  • She used cue cards to prompt her but still had lots of information on the screen
  • She had thought about cast lists
  • YouTube links on her slides however she didn’t always use these
  • Tutors lead idea – asking Paul to be MD
  • She was smiley and enthusiastic about her ideas

 Zoe Mills

Idea 1 – Split personality

  • Self control vs schizophrenia
  • Film ‘split’ – character has multiple personalities
  • 4 dancers on her pathway

Idea 2 – Take me to church dance

  • Lyrical dance based in church
  • She spoke with her back to us a lot of the time as she didn’t stop to turn around and change slides etc

Idea 3 – Purge 

  •  Crime is legal for 12 hours
  • Group 1 – saints who decide not to commit crimes (perform lyrical routine)
  • Group 2 – sinners who choose to unleash their anger and commit crime (hip hop/contemporary)
  • Hands in pockets – casual presentation skills

James Ingram

Idea 1 – Moral dilemma between Right and wrong

  • Animal party – Larry – decision of whether to take advantage of a girl who is very drunk
  • Done as a serious issue or comedy piece???
  • Angel and devil portrayed?
  • Jack, Harry, josh and himself?
  • Low budget
  • Wasn’t very precise

Idea 2 – inspiration from Star Wars

  • Imperial organisation built around evil
  • Willing to do evil for the sake of good?
  • Recited a quote from star wars to explain this
  • Conflict between attitude and action – cognitive dissonance- explained the meaning
  • Monologue?
  • James talked about audience appeal

Idea 3 – Fighting Isis

  • Based on a true story of Ryan lock
  • English chef – told family he was going on holiday to turkey but really sneaked over to fight ISIS with the Kurds
  • Terrorist who fight terrorises
  • On one hand he is a saint for battling the evil and fighting for what he believes in and on the other hand he is sinner for lying to family
  • Took his own life to escape being captured by ISIS
  • Monologue or group acting piece
  • Covered technical aspects such as staging and lighting
  • Devised piece
  • Jack proposed the idea of blood brothers as a contribution for his first idea?
  • While Eric’s and Lynn suggested Dr Faustus
  • Harry suggested the rap song Guilty of coincidence.

Leah Smith

Idea 1 – the school of good and evil novel

  •  Story based on a school where people are split up in schooling
  • Two girls appear like they should be in the other schools as one wears pink and seems innocent and girly but is put in the evil school and the other girl who wears black and is ugly is in the good school
  • Explores idea of saint or sinner is determined in your looks

Idea 2 -Hellfire 

  •  Song – with solo (Tom or myself) and chorus and dancer (as Esmeralda)

Idea 3 – Mordred’s lullaby

  • Heather Dale
  • Celtic type feel to the music
  • Reword it as a monologue
  • Back story : song talks about her hoping to raise her child in the hope he will kill king Arthur.
  • Potentially have singer and dancer as well?

Lou Rowe

Idea 1 structural idea

  • Presenters that introduced each individual act to keep the transitions fluid

Idea 2 – Melodrama

  •  Acting pathway
  • Melodrama play
  • Mike Leigh devising technique – improvising to devise script and plot
  • Distinct good guy and bad guy
  • End of act 1 and beginning of act 2 to get a cliff hanger over the interval

Idea 3 – talking to terrorists

  • Verbatim
  • A cast of 2-4
  • Brief and to the point – felt like she wanted to rush through it and get it over and done with
  • Could be adapted to song or movement pieces

Daytona Florian

Idea 1 – Seven Deadly Sins


Idea 2 – Midsummer Murders

  • Monologue?
  • Inspired by an episode call ‘saints and sinners’

Idea 3 – supernatural

  • Musical Theatre
  • Inspired by Shaun of the dead
  • Using pre existing songs?



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