Wednesday 15th March 2017

Presentation skills

In today’s voice lesson with Lynn we looked at representational skills in preparation for our proposal of ideas presentation tomorrow for our Final Major Project. Lynn thought this would be important as the tutors noticed this as an area of weakness when assessing the year 1’s in this area earlier in the week, and wanted to ensure we all refrained from making the same mistakes as they had done.

Key reminders 

  • Don’t outwit or take the piss out of the task!!
  • Remember your audience
  • Formal presentation – not just a talk to your friends – but you can smile still!
  • Changing slides for power points – don’t talk when turning round to do this as people will miss out on information.
  • Potentially ask someone to move the slides for you.
  • Keep the slides in the PowerPoint simple and mainly visual.
  • If text is on slideshow limit it to bullet points and key information only
  • Have notes on a separate cue sheet.
  • Give them time to read quotes and absorb information.
  • Don’t be scared to pause.
  • Keep it short and simple, and to the point.
  • End well
  • Eye contact

Practical activity

Lynn set us an activity where we had to present a pitch in small groups as a way of putting these skills into place, and then feeding back any criticisms and pointers to help each other give a grounded and well thought out pitch. The pitch brief Lynn gave us was completely fictional as she wasn’t really concerned about the content, but rather the way in which it was delivered. The title was:

” A Pitch to HLF about a Heritage related show asking for £5000″

I was in a group with a Harry and Josh and we came up with the idea of a Heritage piece at Ickworth House which explored the a day in the life of the first family to live there.

These were the points we thought we should focus on:

  • We have different actors in each room who play out different scenes are played out in these which are specific to the space. For example in the kitchen the actors cooking staff and maids etc.
  • A member of the cast has a large barn space which we are planning to rehearse in free of charge.
  • Budget for costumes

We thought that if we allocated various talking points for each of us in preparation for the presentation then we would be more likely to give a confident and well put together performance which would the give off vibes tat we were a well organised group who knew what we were talking about.

Pitch Plan

What is the project? -Harry

  •  An interactive experience of a day in the life of the first family to live Ickworth house
  • Promenade theatre
  • 1 hour
  • Refreshments at the end of the tour at the west wing restaurant

Why? What do we want to achieve? Josh

  • Educate people about the history of the house and the time period
  • Increases the amount of people visiting National Trust Properties
  • Love for the theatre and the discovery of the history behind the place we live

What is the Target audience? – Beth

  • Families (with younger children so the script content will be suitable)
  • National trust members
  • elderly couples
  • history enthusiasts
  • Theatre goers

Budgeting – Beth

  • Rehearsal space – free of charge
  • Costume hire
  • actors salary
  • waiting staff at West Wing cafe
  • Marketing – sending information in National Trust Brochures and Theatre Royal Brochures
  • Proposing £5000

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