8th March 2017 – voice Lesson


Voice projection – using diaphragm to produce a louder sound
Audience awareness
Recognise how your usual day to day voice differs to on stage voice – emphasis more, use more tune etc

Practical exercises

How kind of you to ask me to come”
Extended, magnified and stretched out
Not just the dynamic but the pitch and variation in the tune needed to be exaggerated
Slower pace
Emphasised pauses

Line from monologues – experimenting with dynamics and tune of normal voice and then projected
In pairs one on either side of T007 – half the class on each side – A’s pick nursery rhyme and project this in attempt to be heard – B’s face the opposite wall and have to try and pick out their partners voice and what nursery rhyme it is

Obstacle course
Stepping on chair, then crawling under a tunnel of chairs, then lifting a chair and turning it round, then sitting on chair then standing up again
Keeping the volume consistent while doing movement


Problems of doing performance in our theatre space
Tiered seating – raised eye line, don’t let audience members see the top of heads
Theatre of people – people absorb the sound, less space for sound to bounce about
When turning back adjust the volume accordingly




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