Workshop Plan



A variation on the clap, jump, stop game.

To warm the children up we start by running round the space. Verbally mark out the space so they know the boundaries.
As they are moving about the space we will introduce instructions for various actions.
For example:
When we say clap they must stop and clap.
When we say jump they must jump.
When we say ‘here boy’ the children must crouch down and pant like a dog.
When we call out a number they must get into groups with that many people. So if we called out ‘3’ the children must get into groups of three.
As they start getting better at this we will introduce the idea of creating shapes in their groups. For example: in groups of three make a triangle shape together (one person as each side).


Split the children into three teams
The aim of the game is to be the first team to make the 3D shape that’s decided at the beginning of the round out of the 2D shape resources available.
For example if the shape called was a cube then the team would have to use 6 of the 2D squares. If it was a cylinder then they would use 2 circles and a rectangle. The kids should work together to hold these together.
The team that completes this first must shout out ‘Sherlock Bones!!!’ then as a group explain what shapes they used to make it and what properties it has. If they get it all right they get a ‘dog biscuit’ token to represent the points.
Repeat this several times and introduce a different shape on each round. The team with the most points/dog biscuits at the end wins!

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