23rd February 2017 – TIE performance feedback notes

The Mysterious Case of The Missing Triangle 

Once the TIE shows had been performed our acting class had a session with Erica where we discussed how we felt the performance went overall from both our point of view as cast members and from Erica’s opinion as a director and then reflected on this.


  • Setting up with children watching, put us under pressure and through us slightly, didn’t want to keep them waiting, coped with it very well.
  • Arrived slightly late due to other group getting keys locked in car which
    Costume – Daytona forgot, improvised quickly, I told Daytona to put her hair in bunches – Erica thought it worked better as the hat often covered her eyes – made it look like the characters were disguised on wanted posters – blessing in surprise.
  • Performance – beginning felt a little frantic, but don’t feel kids or teacher noticed
  • Random lady started walking through performance space talking etc – distraction that we had to work against. Dinner ladies.
  • Show went well. Good improvising around situation.
  • Volume was excellent – clear – kids got the jokes
  • Private school – kids confident and spoke back – not as many kids to play to
  • Photos – teachers added another distraction as they kept walking around the space
  • Josh costume didn’t stay up properly despite pinning it
  • Kid gave the who explained the plot – improvisation around this
  • Josh had a few fluffs – didn’t turn the pictures round at the right time – rehearsal thing – could have made a joke out of covering up the information on the boards
  • Workshop – Erica was hugely impressed with how I organised kids well – maintained character throughout
  • Adaptation to the type of kids and tine we had free
  • No chance of testing for prior knowledge so have to adapt to this on the spot
  • Enthralled – teachers were looking like they were absorbed too and enjoyed the jokes – castle gag
  • Feedback – teacher said it was brilliant as they are doing shapes and it really helped them
  • Research into the learning timetable of the key stages really helped as you know you are teaching something that will be useful and not going over things they already know or things too difficult or beyond them
  • Helped development of the story – we originally were just doing the play on 2D shapes but I went away and researched more and came up with the concept of learning about the 2D shapes used to make the 3D ones.

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