Monday 20th February 2017

Dress run 

We were hoping to have the opportunity to rehearse all day as our extra half term rehearsal that we had organised didn’t go ahead due to various people being ill or just being unavailable to make it. However, this wasn’t possible as the tutors had timetabled for us all to perform our shows to the level 2’s and the rest of the TIE groups as a dress/practice run. I was initially quite worried doing this as I didn’t know if we were ready and I would have loved the opportunity to actually spend the limited time we had left rehearsing and polishing our performance instead of watching the other groups. Nevertheless, I stayed calm and composed and told myself that even if it didn’t go as well as it could it would still be good practice and challenge us to deal with the situation if it did go wrong. We opted to perform our piece first so we could get it out of the way, but also as we had already set up all our set and props earlier that morning so we could check it was all there and as we expected.

Luckily the performance actually went a lot better than I expected and proved that I shouldn’t have been so worried about it going wrong and that I should have confidence in my abilities and that everyone else in the group would have worked on things in their own time in the holidays to fix anything that went wrong in our run in half term. It was strange performing in front of our peers as we actually had reactions we could work off, rather than just preempting what our audiences may or may not say in response to our questions and moments of audience interaction. Although on another note it actually made it more difficult at times as lots of the audience members were heckling and being a lot more vocal than children would be in real life and made it quite hard work and ended up being unrealistic to how our audiences would be on the day.

There were moments in the dress run where things went wrong such as props not being in the right place or people fluffing on lines at certain points and although anyone who had a moment like this tried their best to carry on and work through it, I felt that it was maybe not as realistic to how we might react to it on the day, as certain members of the cast tried to make a joke out of it and make comments to audience members perhaps to shield embarrassment or just make some kind of statement. This irritated me slightly as I wanted to to be a truthful representation of how the show might play out tomorrow, however I know how hard it is to perform things such as children’s shows in front of peers (especially when they haven’t been involved in the process and don’t understand the complexities of it).

Generally speaking I was really pleased with everyone’s characterisation and the energy and effort they put into the dress performance, especially Daytona who upped her game and showed dedication to her part and didn’t back down on the comedic moments (even though in the past she seemed embarrassed to do these in front of peers).

Extra Preparation

On the night before the performance I went home and worked solidly to ensure we had everything read for the performance the next morning. I remade lots of extra shapes of various sizes as props for the shape trial and to be stuck to the set, as well as making larger shapes out of firmer card which were to be used for the workshop that followed the show.

In all honesty I felt slightly overwhelmed by the amount I still had to do, as well as being slightly annoyed as no one else seemed to be as dedicated and were almost assuming that I would continue to do all the work in regards to making and collecting props and set in their own time. Nevertheless, I took responsibility and carried on working hard in my own time to make sure everything would be prepared. No one else had thought about the workshop or thought to organise anything or ask if anything needed making for it, so once again I did this independently. The resources I needed to preaper for the workshop were several different packs of various 2D shapes that could be put together to make the 3D versions. The idea of this was to recap what we had learnt in the show and reinforce the idea that the 3D shapes can be made up from a combination of 2D shapes; for example, a cube is made up of 6 2D squares, and a cylinder is made up of a rectangle which is curved round and held together by 2 circles at either end. I made 4 packs (one for each team) with all the shape the children would need to make each of the 3D shapes that we covered in the show. Each pack contained 6 large squares, 2 circles, 2 large rectangles, 4 triangles (one of which was shiny to represent the shiny missing triangle in the story as I hoped it would make it exciting for them). This took a long time to prepare as I had to make sure every shape was exactly the right size and everything was equal so that they would all fit together perfectly when trying to make the 3D shapes. I also had to make sure the card I used was thicker and stronger so that it would hold together without falling over or being too flimsy to form the ridged sides of the shapes.

I also took it upon me to print out roughly 20 copies of the programme I had made ready to give the children at the primary school following our performance.



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