15th February 2017 – Half term rehearsals

Run through



This is the list I made to the group prior to the rehearsal explaining that due to being ill and busy planning the rest of our TIE I wasn’t yet fully off book.

Unfortunately I wasn’t very well and had a bad cold/flu type illness which had me bed bound for the majority of the half term, however I managed to get myself into college for our rehearsal so that I wouldn’t let the rest of my company down and so we could get some quality rehearsal time with Erica before returning to college to do our performances at the schools.  As suggested in the post above I was worried that my group might think that I was being lazy and hypercritical that I was not 100% on all my lines still, and wanted to justify myself as to why I might still have my script on me in today’s rehearsal, and explain that I had been so busy focusing on the other elements of the show such as the workshop, the programme, the props etc and hadn’t the opportunity to dedicate time solely to learning lines word for word as of yet. Nevertheless, I knew that this was a skill that I could do quite quickly and felt confident I would be comfortably off book by the time we had our next rehearsal. I also had found it hard to do so during the holidays as although I was bed bound I was so poorly that I couldn’t concentrate on much and was sleeping a lot of the time as an attempt to get better.

Admittedly, although I kept my script on hand throughout the majority of the run through I think that deed down I knew what I should be saying, however I have a tendency to clutch onto my scripts until the last minute when doing all productions as its my sense of security just in case it goes wrong. Despite this, I think if someone was to take my script away from me I would have been able to stumble my way through the scenes almost word for word regardless, proving that it is probably just a confidence thing that needs to be challenged.

Although I turned up to the extra rehearsal I obviously still felt very ill and found it difficult to concentrate and a few mistakes regarding lines and reacting to cues quickly were made at times, however as the rehearsal went on and I woke up a bit we all seemed to pick up the energy and focus a lot more. The first run we did of the show (when we first arrived) really panicked me as so many things fell apart, and Josh and Daytona made several mistakes regarding the shape descriptions, which obviously worried me as that was the main objective of the play and the most important thing for the children to take away from the show as we couldn’t teach them the wrong information! They both realised the errors they had made and know they have to work on this so hopefully this will improve before the performance. We also had the boards Erica had help make, which have the diagrams of 3D shapes on one side and the wanted posters on the other, which should not only help the children visually see what shapes we are talking about but also hopefully help Josh remember the properties of each shape and demonstrate these accurately. We had to practice how and when me manoeuvred each of the boards though and at what points we needed to turn them round to reveal the shape diagrams without distracting from any action or making the transitions too long and tedious for the children in the audience. To start with this was quite clumsy to do and at times we forgot to turn the relevant boards, however we hope that with practice the changes will get smoother and the more used to it we get the more likely we will be to remember to do it!


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