Tuesday 24th January 2017 – TIE

Theatre In Education Production

In Today’s lesson with Erica we had a meeting with both the TIE Acting groups and discussed the Production side of our shows and the materials and set we would need to source. Unlike other years, our projects will not be getting sponsorship and therefore we have no formal budget, so the majority of our props, costumes and set would have to be self sourced. Luckily, my group had already looked into these elements and had started to source materials for our production ourselves and started to use them in rehearsal whenever possible. Nevertheless, in the session I formally accumulated a list of all the materials we needed for our production and a note by it as to where we would be sourcing these and any significant extra details.


Evil Shape Collector

  • Cape with shapes on (massive collar and tiny cape) – Online
  • Blue dungarees with stripes – Josh has ordered
  • Big shoes – Josh owns
  • Funny curly moustaches – Online


  • Jester hat made of stuffed socks (which he uses ESC’s odd socks for) – Need to make
  • Big shoes – Doc Martins – Dayton owns
  • Stripes? – Basic shop ie. tesco/primark or borrowed from someone


  • Dungaree shorts – My own
  • Pigtails – can do myself
  • Colourful tights – need to sourse online


  • Brown dungarees – Harry owns
  • Deerstalker hat (with pink fabric on underside to look like ears) – borrowing from friend
  • Brown base clothes – Harry owns


  • Patterned dress/skirt – Sourcing from tweed/charity shop
  • Handbag – tweed/borrowing from


  • Wig – Tweed – used for Midsummers but greyed with talcon powder
  • Apronv – I can provide
  • Glasses – Leah owns/ones used in Lilies
  • Long skirt – Tweed/costume box at home


  • Triangle – made out of card and foam
  • Extra Shapes – made out of card
  • Radio (which is drawn on to look 2D) – using a cardboard box  with a radio drawn on the front
  • Bag to out shapes in (laundry basket bag as it’s big and fits to the joke) – Erica is providing
  • Dog biscuits and box to put them in which is labelled ‘dog biscuits’) picture of Harry as Sherlock on the front – made from a cereal box and photo
  • Zapper – water pistol – I own
  • Wanted posters – need to make using photo of Josh as ESC
  • Umbrella – I own
  • Building shapes – I am sourcing from the school my mum works at


  • The window frame – Set used last year in Sound Colletor piece
  • Back drop flat (side without door) – set used last year in Jago’s Box
  • Castle drawn on to fabric in 2D – buy cheap sheet from Tesco
  • Bed (made using a blanket and pillow) – I own
  • Wanted posters – need to make using photo of Josh as ESC

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