23rd January 2017 – TIE

In today’s Theatre In Education lesson we simply sat as a group and tried to organise and finalise our costumes and props for the play, as we had a little controversy in our group about this and some changes had been made without the agreement of the rest of the group. Josh had briefly spoken about the ESC and SK also having dungarees as part of their costume, with the thought that it could be what everyone in ‘Shape Town’ wears, however I wasn’t so sure about this as I was worried it wouldn’t show a clear enough distinction between the goodies and baddies. This was then taken further when it was suggested that the entire cast wore dungarees as the staple of their costume, however this is something I strongly disagreed with as for characters such as Mrs Dollysmith and Granny it would just look stupid and out of character as well as making it more difficult to switch between the multi-roles clearly. Although the idea of us all being united as a company by wearing the same thing or variations on a theme, I don’t think on this occasion it will work in our advantage and will end up looking too ‘Children’s TV’ and not help portray the types of stereotypical characters in the story.

Unfortunately Josh had already bought a pair of fabric dungarees online and so we can’t go back on the idea, even though not all of us had agreed to this idea. I would be sad to abandon the idea of sticking to the stereotypical villain with a cape, as it immediately helps the children pick the character out as the baddie, which helps encourage the audience to react to him in a certain way. On the other hand, the more I think about it the more I can see the dungarees working for ESC and SK as it will capture the silliness and immature nature of the characters and the fact that they aren’t quite achieving the concept of becoming evil villains and what that entails. I think I will suggest that ESC also has a cape as well which we stick shapes on in bright colours, therefore on the inside we can see the character is really very fun and childlike, however on the outside he is trying to be someone he is not (an evil villain) and is using the cape to achieve this.



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