TIE – Costume ideas and plans

Sherlock Bones


We had already come up with several ideas for Harry’s Sherlock Bones Dog costume, and had decided that we wanted to keep it quite human still rather than fully going with the idea of a full dog costume, as we thought it would be more fun to portray him in more as a human with animalistic qualities. We discussed the idea of using one of those old hats that the traditional Sherlock Holmes would wear but instead of having the flaps tied up on top of the hat, we would let these lose to give the impression of floppy dog ears! I really loved this idea as I think it is really creative and clever and plays around with the name of the character and its human personification as well as giving the impression of being an animal. Initially we spoke about Harry wearing basic brown clothes as a base with maybe a waistcoat or something over the top, however in one of our latest lessons he suggested that he wore brown dungarees as the main component of his costume. I thought this was actually a better idea as it gave a playful and childish feel to it as well as tying in to my own ideas of my costume as Isabella (I was also planning on wearing a dungaree dress or something similar as it is childish) but the fact we would match gives a connection between the characters and shows their bond. As for shoes Harry should probably just wear brown boots or shoes that he can move around easily in.

Evil Shape Collector


As for the Evil Shape Collector,  we want to stay true to capturing the usual villain stereotype by wearing a costume that is flamboyant and extravagant but shows they are the bad character, for example a big red or purple cape with a large collar. In my head I still want the ESC to appear quite comedic and stupid in his appearance, more like a cartoon villain than an Evil villain, and so think the colours and style should be eye catching and bold and definitely over the top (perhaps featuring shapes covering the cape). We thought about Josh wearing an oversized moustache to add to the comedy of the character’s appearance, so the children know he is not just scary but also should be laughed at too because of his silly appearance. I think by having the ESC dress quite clown like rather than sinisterly will encourage the children to not see him as a threat but to laugh at him and his stupidity much like you would a silly cartoon villain. To capture this even more I think Josh should have bright make up or something too, however this needs to be discussed.


Image may contain: people standing

For Isabella’s costume I want to keep it youthful and playful by wearing something childish so that the audience will automatically be able to accept that I am playing a character of a similar age to them. My immediate thoughts were a school dress or pinafore, a bright coloured top, or dungarees; however, after talking with Harry I decided on the dungaree/pinafore as it automatically calls out ‘young’ and also in terms of the play links my character to his visually. I will most likely wear converse type shoes as they are also youthful and will be easy for me to move in. Much like the rest of the characters and costumes, I want it to appear bright and playful (much like a cartoon) to ensure we capture the kids attention immediately, however, I also want Isabella to seem the most ‘normal’ so the children can relate to her more and feel like she is on their level, so the costume may not be as over the top or vibrant as the others. To help me look even younger I will wear my hair in pigtails and wear minimal make up using pink tones to give the illusion of the rosy cheeked girl that features in cartoons and fairy tales.

Stupid Side Kick (Morgan)

I think Daytona would benefit from practising in her costume once it is sorted as I think it will help her let go of her inhibitions and feel more like the character. In the past we spoke about Daytona wearing a funny hat and big coat which worked in that particular rehearsal as a temporary prop/costume to help her feel a bit more like a stupid sidekick however I don’t think it will have the desired look for the actual performance. I think by wearing big boots or big shoes as part of her costume it will help her walk a bit more grounded and weighted which should help her capture the clumsy and dopey nature of the character. I know Daytona owns several pairs of Doc Martins shoes and boots which would be perfect to give the required weight to her steps and encourage a wider grounded stance. I think a silly hat would also be a really good way of capturing the character’s silliness and help Daytona loosen up and let go a bit when performing and rehearsing. Most of her props and bits of costume should be very bright coloured as it will give off connotations of being fun and we’ll know not to take her seriously or see as a threat. I think it might be a good idea to look at the types of costumes the sidekicks would wear traditionally in kids TV shows and pantomimes and also possibly look at the old fashioned joker’s costume for inspiration.

Image result for joker's hatImage result for doc martin boots


Granny/ Mrs Dollysmith

This will be the costume the one that needs the most planning as Leah is obviously playing multiple roles and therefore needs a costume that is easily adaptable and can be changed quickly and efficiently. Usually a multi rolled actor will wear a base layer of clothes and add various accessories or items of clothing to their person when changing characters. As both Granny and Mrs Dollysmith are quite similar characters it is important that we make the two costumes very different and distinct so the audience do not have any difficulty distinguishing which is which. I am currently imagining Granny with a long skirt and a shawl and glasses, which fits the granny stereotype well and should be easily recognisable as a ‘granny’ character to this young audience. For Mrs Dollysmith we talked about having an item of clothing with a circle printed on it (as the character’s family shape in the story is a circle) which may help the children remember this, as well as telling the character apart from Granny. Leah’s costumes are something that we need to finalise soon as although it is potentially the most simple, we need to find ways of telling the two characters apart and being able to change between them easily.



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