TIE Character work

We wanted to do some character work to help us get into character and discover the stereotypical portrayal of these. We gave ourselves the task of picking one move or action that we thought summed up our character’s personality and then we edited it into a short trailer reel showing each of these. We also did a hot seating session where we quizzed each other on our characters – asking personal questions about their life and childhood upbringing, their family, likes and dislikes and relationships with the other characters, which we had to answer as our character. I found this exercise so helpful and t made me become the character and start to make a solid foundation for their life and the world they live in. Initially we thought hot seating characters such as the ones that appear in our TIE show stupid or a waste of time as they are such superficial personas and the story is straight forward and childlike, however we came to the conclusion that although on the surface it may seem like that, we needed to believe in the world we had created for these characters and the more we understand them and have a back story and can have a mental image of the setting etc, the more the audience will believe it and buy into our story.



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