The Case of the Evil Shape Collector and the Missing Triangle – FINAL REWORKING

The Evil Shape Collector and the missing Triangle 



Lights go up. Isabella and Sherlock are sitting on the floor listening to the radio. The Radio plays a News Broadcast.

Newscaster: Breaking News Live from Letteropolis! All over Shapetown, the townspeople have claimed that their family shapes have gone missing. The Evil Shape Collector is suspected and still at large. One Townsfolk has said “It is awful, for you see, my rectangle has been in my family since before I can remember. It is absolutely dreadful.” More on this story as it devel-

Isabella turns off the radio

Isabella: This is boring! Let’s listen to something else Sherlock!

Sherlock: I agree Isabella…how about this instead?

Sherlock turns the radio station over and music starts to play.

Scene 1: 

Isabella and Sherlock Bones are playing together, dancing to the radio and being silly

Granny: Isabella I’m home!

Isabella: Quick Sherlock, Granny is coming and she can’t see you talking!

Granny enters

Granny: Oh it’s awfully windy out there Isabella, I’m glad I bought my umbrella with me! I don’t know what’s going on in this town, but I saw hundreds of posters around saying that people’s shapes are going missing and that we all have to be very careful! It was so windy one even hit me in the face!

Isabella: oh grandma…

Granny: now Isabella, I need you to help me, as you know I’ve always been very….

Isabella: Forgetful grandma!

Granny: Oh yes that’s it!!! Anyway like I was saying, I’ve always been very forgetful and I’m worried I’m going to misplace our family’s shape and I would hate to lose it and for this greedy thief to comes and take it! Isabella, this is not just any triangle, this is an equilateral triangle and has been in our family for generations. Look at it’s perfectly equal sides and straight edges and corners.

Isabella: wow!

Granny: We are very lucky to have it, Isabella, and it would mean a lot to me if you would take care of it for me, at least while these posters are still flying about all time.

Isabella: Of course granny – I’d do anything to help you! I promise wont let our family shape leave my sight – ever!

Granny: There’s a good girl! Oh, would you look at the time, it’s getting late and well past your bed time! I think it is time you got to sleep!

Isabella: But I don’t want to go to bed grandma!

Granny: Good girls listen to their Granny’s and do as they’re told! Come on Isabella you’re looking very sleepy and you don’t want to ruin our day tomorrow!

Isabella: Yawning. Defeated. Okay. Isabella gets into bed with the shape and the dog sherlock bones by her side. Night Night Granny.

Scene 2:

Evil Shape Collector and Sidekick enter.

Sidekick: where are we going now?

ESC: You know what we get up to on a Wednesday night!  We need to find the shapes to complete my collection! When I have all the shapes I need to make their three dimensional counterparts I will be the most powerful villain in all of shape land.

Evil shape collector Laughs which SK joins in on and laughs too long and gets carried away – ESC gives him a look 

Shut up Fool!

SK: Sorry…

Now, Let’s get to work! Can you see that?!

SK: See what? Looking about clueless 

ESC: That! You silly ninkenpoop! That shining light in there, next to the little girl! I’d know that light anywhere…I’m sure that it could only be one thing…

SK: Ohhhh! I see it! I see it!  Getting over excited followed by a moment of realisation. Wait what’ so special about that? 

ESC: Impatient. Honestly, you stupid worm, you…Brussel sprout, you,  you smelly sock, you…you…you SOGGY BISCUIT!!! Do you know anything?! THAT IS THE TRIANGLE THAT I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR FOR ALL THESE YEARS! Look how beautiful it is – look at it’s perfectly pointed edges! I must have it!!!

Stop gawking and open that window!

Sk: okay!

The stupid sidekick struggles to open the window but they finally get it open and in the process they fall over. They creep in the house in a comedic manner, over exaggerating each step. The sidekick trips over very loudly and knocks over something that makes a loud bang!

SK: Ooooops!

ESC: SHHHHHHHHH! stage whisper YOU’LL WAKE THE GIRL!  Honestly Morgan, you really are the the worst side kick in the world!

They creep over to where the shape is situated and go to pick it up but as they do so the dog Sherlock bones is stirring in his sleep and occasionally makes barking noises etc which makes the side kick and Evil Shape Collector jump.

SK: leaning in to take the shape again Look! It’s so shiny!

ESC: Shhhh!

SK: Admiringly Look! It’s got three sides!

ESC: Snatching the shape off of SK Of course it has you wet noodle! It’s a triangle and it is the perfect size to fit the other shapes in my collection so I can finally build my 3D empire!!! Mwahahahaha!

SK: Timidly I thought we were supposed to be being quiet!

ESC: oh shhh! I make the rules!!! Now quickly before they wake up and ruin my master plan!

They scramble out of the window and as they do SK trips and drops some of the shapes from their sac as she does so.

Scene 3:


Sherlock wakes when he hears the word breakfast and then starts to barks when he realises the triangle is gone. Isabella is woken by the barking. 

Isabella: What’s the matter Sherlock bones? Are you hungry?

Sherlock: Wooof! Look your family triangle is gone! And I’m sure I heard someone in your room last night! Woof woof!

Isabella: Oh Sherlock you were probably dreaming again! You really shouldn’t eat all those bones before you go to bed!

Sherlock: Woooof!  Wooof! I’m sure someone must have been here and stolen it while we were asleep! Woof woof woof!

Isabella: oh no! It must be here somewhere!!!

She all around her room for it but she can’t find it anywhere!

Sherlock: woof! Isabella, look here!  He spots the trail of shapes across the room. These shapes weren’t here before we went to bed!

Isabella: These shapes don’t belong to me! Somebody must be missing them! How did they even get here!?

She is very confused and asks the audience if they saw anything. They call out saying the evil shape collector was here!

Sherlock: woof! I told you there was someone here! Woooooof!

Isabella: sorry I didn’t believe you! We will have to find granny’s triangle before she realises it has gone missing. She will be so so disappointed in me if she finds out I lost it! She trusted me to look after it and I can’t let her down!

Sherlock: wooooof! He sniffs around the room and then comes to realisation.  Wooof! Wait Isabella, remember your granny told us that there were wanted posters about town about an evil shape collector! Maybe he took your triangle and left these behind.

Isabella: maybe, but why would he take my triangle and leave me these? Picks up a small circle from on the floor.

Sherlock: barks at the trial of shapes. Look! They are leading towards the window!

Isabella: Clever boy!

Sherlock: WOOF! sniffs about  It must be a clue!!! maybe the trial of shapes  will lead to where Granny’s triangle is!

Isabella: Good idea! I can always count on you Sherlock Bones!

Sherlock: You sure can Isabella! After all I am a DOG-TECTIVE!!!

Scene 4

Castle of Evil Shape Collector 

ESC: mwahahahaha!

Sk: mwhahahaha!

ESC: what have I told you about joining in with my evil laugh you imbecile!!!

Sk: ooops! Sorry!

ESC: you know the drill!

ESC makes SK bend down and be his footstool while he gets the sac of shapes out 

ESC: Let’s have a look at what we found on our Shape hunt last night! He delves into the bag and pulls out a circle. Look at this marvellous circle that I found in that Mrs Gollysmiths house – yet another circle to add to the collection! Now, Morgan, can you remember what I’ve told you about circles?

Sk: ummmmm, errrr….um….I know this one…errr…….oh yeah! It has one curved side!!!

ESC: cunningly Yes, very good Morgan, perhaps you’re not as idiotic as I thought!

Sk: excitedly See, see – I told you I remembered!

ESC: putting him down Don’t get too excited, you bumbling fool – that was an easy one! Now, I bet you don’t know what 3D shape I can use my powers to turn these circles into?

Sk: um….. searches his head for the answer but just looks confused 


Sk: looks taken aback Sorry! I promise I’ll remember now! He repeats to himself over and over in an attempt to remember the facts. A circle is 2D, it has One curved side, and no corners. It’s 2D, has one curved side, and no corners. It’s 2D, it has one curved side, and no corners. A sphere is 3D, has one face, and one curved edge. It’s 3D, has one face, and one curved edge! GOT IT!

ESC: Good!

SK: addressing audience Let’s go over that one more time: A circle is…. 2D, it has…. one curved side, and no corners. A sphere is… 3D, has… one face, and…. one curved edge.

Scene 5


Granny: Rise and shine it’s breakfast time! (Sings from off stage) 

Isabella: (to Sherlock) Oh Sherlock bones what should we do? I can’t bare to let Granny down by telling her about losing her precious triangle, she’ll be so disappointed!  Like she said, it’s been in the family for generations and no ones ever lost it before! I’m a disgrace to the family!

Sherlock: Woof! Isabella don’t be so hard on yourself, Granny will understand that it was just an accident!

Isabella: I guess so…I just feel so bad…Granny wouldn’t have wanted me to look after it if it wasn’t so special to her!

Sherlock: It will be okay! We’ll find it Isabella! Woof!  Woof! After all I am a DOG-TECTIVE!

Isabella: Thank you Sherlock Bones! You’re the best!

Granny: (offstage) ISABELLAAAAA! Are you okay?

Isabella: hushed aside to dog Shhh Sherlock!

Sherlock: Woof Woof!

Granny enters

Isabella: Morning Granny!

Granny: Morning sweetheart. I hope you slept well? Who are you taking to up there?

Isabella: Yes thank you Granny…I wasn’t talking to anyone…oh but I have something to tell you!

Sherlock: WOOF WOOF! (trying to tell Isabella not to tell granny what happened)

Granny: gets distracted by the dog barking Oh, that reminds me, I bought some of those special treats Sherlock likes but it seems I must have misplaced them as I couldn’t find them this morning….silly me, I am so forgetful! Would you be a dear and head to the shops and pick some up for me?

Sherlock: Woof Woof! happily

Granny: There’s a good girl!

Granny exits

Isabella: That’s brilliant Sherlock! On the way to the shop we canstart the search for Granny’s Triangle! Maybe someone will have seen it or know something about where it leads?

Sherlock: WOOF! agreeing Not to mention I will get some yummy treats!Yum!

Scene 6


ESC: Next we have….He delves into the bag again and rummages around before pulling out a sock, he looks down and realises and then looks very embarrassed…. Ooops, excuse me! That shouldn’t be in there!

Sk: oops! Sorry master! I must have mistaken it for the laundry basket!!!

ESC: Honesly Morgan! I’ve been looking for that sock for weeks! Anyway back to the matter at hand!

He rummages in the bag and then pulls some dog biscuits out of the bag and inspects them greedily.

Ooooh yum yum yum! Some tasty treats! I forgot they were in here! Licking his lips in a greedy way.  mmm! Just what I need, some yummy biscuits! You certainly work up an appetite being an Evil Mastermind! HAHAHA! He goes to put one in his mouth and then realises Sk is looking at him longingly and stops just before putting it in his mouth. Oh sorry Morgan where are my manners, did you want some? patronisingly.

SK: Enthusiastically  Oh yes please master!!! I’m ever so hungry!

ESC: Snapping and enjoying the teasing  WELL, YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY! MWAHAHAHAHA!

He stuffs the biscuits in his mouth all at once greedily then spits them out realising they are dog biscuits not human ones.


SK Laughs to herself at ESC’s misfortune.

ESC: It’s not funny Morgan!!! Here, you can have the rest! Consider it an Early Birthday present!

SK: um…thank you master?

Sk accepts the remains of the dog biscuits looking at them disgustedly.

ESC rummages in bag again and pulls a square out of the bag.

ESC: Aha, another square to add to my collection!

SK: I do love squares!

ESC: Asking a child. What’s your name?…And do you have any idea how many sides a square has [insert name] ?

Help them by pointing to the sides and counting with them if needed. 

Addressing another child. And what’s your name? [Insert name] can you tell me how many corners a square has? YES!!!

ESC: Looking at it admiringly  Four straight, equal sides, and four corners – PERFECT!

Sk: Copying ESC overexcitably PERFECT!

ESC: snapping Morgan! Now go and do something useful and check how many squares I now have in my collection.

SK fetches a pile of squares and proceeds to count them one by one holding each one up in turn

SK: One, two, three, four, five…and with the one we found last night…SIX!!!

ESC: menacingly SPLENDID! Now I finally have six squares of perfectly equal size I can use them to create the six faces for the 3D version!

Zap the square into a 3D Cube with the sonic zapper

Addressing children in audience

Do any of you pesky little children know what 3D shape I can make with these six squares? If I put on on top, one on the bottom, and the other four on each of the sides? …There is no point asking Morgan! calling to audience Anyone?

Children: A CUBE! (If they don’t answer then SK will just reveal the answer)

ESC: Very good! Perhaps you should all become Evil shape collectors too! Mwahaha!

SK: Don’t you think we should give some of the shapes back? Won’t people be missing them?


SK: I just thought….

ESC: Well don’t! he looks in the bag again Where are all my other shapes? I’m sure I stole more than that!

SK: They must have fallen out when we were escaping out of the window of that little girl’s house…


SK: Sorry! I didn’t mean to! I just jumped when that dog started barking!

ESC: I better not have lost that triangle! My family have been searching for one just like that little girl’s one for centuries!  He hunts around in the bag for it manically while SK apologies sporadically.

SK: Ad-libbing I’m so sorry Master. It was an accident. I’m just clumsy fool. Please don’t get angry. etc

ESC: AHA! he pulls out the triangle then checks the triangle over thoroughly.  Three straight sides. Check! All sides of equal length. Check! And 3 corners. Check!

SK: relieved Phew! That was a close one!

ESC: you’re lucky you didn’t lose it! This triangle is the most important find of the whole night!

SK:  quizzing but tentatively But master, we have millions of other triangles in your collection why can’t you just use one of them and give the little girls triangle back?

ESC: HOW MANY TIMES MORGAN! This is not just any triangle this is the perfect equilateral triangle to fit the missing face of the 3D pyramid I am making! I can’t just use any old triangle as it won’t fit into place with the other two I already have!!!

SK: Oh, yes, sorry master – I forgot!

Scene 7


They are walking together and following a trial of Shapes picking them up of the floor as they find them.

Sherlock: Tiredly Woof! Can we please stop now we have been walking for miles and I’m hungry! he lets out a whimpering whine to try and plead Isabella to give in to hi request.

Isabella: We can’t stop now – I’m sure we will find it soon! I can feel it!

Sherlock: Woof! You said that an hour ago! I’m Hungry! Grumpily Remember, my dog biscuits were stolen too!

Isabella: Please Sherlock! I can’t let Granny down! Besides, I’m sure this trial of shapes on the floor has something to do with it! We just need to keep following the trial and we will get my shape back!

Sherlock lets out another whine then starts barking as he sees another person walk past.

Isabella: Good Idea Sherlock! I’ll ask this person if they know anything about the shapes that are going missing!?

She approaches the Passerby who happens to be MRS DOLLYSMITH

Hello! I don’t suppose you could help me?

Mrs Dollysmith: Hello dear. Of course, what can I do for you?

Isabella: Well, It’s a long story, but my Granny gave me our family’s shape to look after but I’ve been very silly and I must have lost it and I don’t want to upset Granny so I am on a search to find it. We found a trail of different 2D shapes and so we followed it and it lead us to here. My Dog Sherlock Bones seems to think it might have something to do with all these ‘Wanted’ posters of the Evil Shape Collector?

Sherlock: WOOF! nodding enthusiastically agreeing

Isabella: Do you know anything about it?

Mrs Dollysmith: Didn’t you know?! The Evil Shape Collector is on a mission to steal all the different 2D shapes he needs from the families that own them, so he can use them to create 3D shapes and become the most powerful villain in Shape town! Why, our Dollysmith Family Circle has even gone missing…My husband Albert was horrified!

Sherlock: WOOF! (in an ‘I told you so type way’)

Isabella: That’s what my Dogtective Sherlock Bones thought! Patting Dog on the head. Well done, clever Sherlock!

Mrs Dollysmith: I thought everyone about town knew? It’s been on the news all week!

Isabella: I don’t watch the news…its too sad…I much prefer happy stories!

Mrs Dollysmith: Well, it’s been getting worse these last few days. Even Mr Woodworth from down the road had his Square stolen!

Isabella: No! That’s awful! Maybe if you told me what it looks like I might be able to look out for it on my search for Granny’s triangle? It’s no trouble – Sherlock and I were going to follow the trial of shapes in the hope they led to where The Evil Shape Collector and all our missing shapes have ended up! We’d be happy to look out for yours and your neighbours missing shapes too!

Mrs Dollysmith: Okay, but promise me you will be careful my dear?

Isabella: I promise.

Mrs Dollysmith: Okay, listen carefully, you too Sherlock.

Sherlock: Wooof okay!

Mrs Dollysmith:  Firstly my families Circle has one flat face, one curved side, and no corners. Can you remember that?

Isabella: YES, I think so! A 2D circle has one flat,  one curved side and no corners.

Sherlock: WOOF!

Mrs Dollysmith: Brilliant! Next one to remember is what Mr Woodworth’s square looks like. You might need some help remembering! addressing the audience. I wonder if these boys and girls could help you?

Audience: YESSSS!

Mrs Gollysmith: Okay, listen carefully…A square has four straight edges all of equal length, four corners and one flat face.

Isabella: (Addressing audience) Did you get that everybody? encourage them to join in A square has four straight edges all of equal length, four corners and one flat face.

Sherlock: WOOF!

Isabella: Brilliant! But Mrs Dollysmith, why would this Evil Shape Collector person want to steal everyone’s shapes? Doesn’t he have his own?

Mrs Gollysmith: Well, I heard that the Shape Collector’s master plan can only ever be achieved once he has collected enough of each of the 2D shapes to form the 3D versions…once he has them all who know what he will be able to do!

Sherlock: Woof Woof! protesting for attention

Isabella: What if the Evil Shape Collector has already started to transform the 2D shapes into 3D versions before I get there?! Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you warned me what his 3D versions will look like? That way if I’ll still be able to recognise them and save them before the transformation process is complete!

Mrs Dollysmith: Okay, Listen Carefully! The Evil Shape Collector will most likely to be using the 2D squares he finds to create a 3D CUBE! A 3D CUBE is made with a total of six squares that all have to be the same size. When the CUBE is complete it has a total of six flat faces, twelve straight edges, and eight pointy corners! 

Sherlock: A cube?! What’s that?!

Mrs Dollysmith: A cube is a 3D shape that is made from 6 flat squares! IT HAS… (encouraging children to join in)

ALL: A CUBE HAS six flat faces, twelve straight edges, and eight pointy corners! 


Isabella: I’m sure we will all remember that now!

Mrs Dollysmith: Good! It was lovely to meet you Isabella! Good luck on your quest and be careful! Shapetown is counting on you both, who knows what could happen if the Evil Shape Collector succeeds!

Scene 8


ESC: We’ve finally done it Morgan! After all these years of collecting shapes we finally have enough to start making the 3D versions of all the shapes and  have the power we have always wanted! MWHAHAHA!


ESC gives SK a look as if to tell him to shut up. 

Sk: sorry. Just excited.

ESC: Just look at how far we’ve come Morgan! If only my parents could see me now: they  never thought I had what it takes to follow in their footsteps as Evil shape collectors but I’ve finally proven them wrong!

SK : And I’ve proven mine wrong, they always said I’d be a rotten sidekick but look at me now…. ESC gives Sk a look and cough…. Oh wait…. realises he is rubbish…Fair point! But at least I’m good at being the worlds worst sidekick!

ESC: You can say that again! Now, it’s about time I got to work! This Pyramid won’t create itself! I’ve got my cube, I’ve got my Sphere – Now I just need that pyramid and i’ll have ultimate power and control of all of shape town….my parents would be so proud! Mwhahahaha!

SK: Mwaha – (ESC cuts in mid sentence) 


Sk scurries off to get the zapper and several 2D shapes and then hands them to the ESC who snatches them off him.

Scene 9:

Cut back to Isabella and Sherlock who are walking following the trial and fast approaching the castle.

Sherlock: WOOOOOF! I think we must be nearly there! Woof! It feels as if this trial of shapes has been going on for ever!

Isabella: LOOK SHERLOCK! Over there in the distance! That looks just like the Evil Shape Collectors castle!

Sherlock and Isabella have a celebratory moment together.

Sherlock: Woof! I told you that if we followed the trial of shapes it would lead us to the answer!!! woooooof! I’m beyond hungry now! Woof woof!

He lets out a whimper as if he is trying to get something out Isabella.

Isabella: I know, I know and you’re a very clever dog, don’t worry I’m promise you we will get you those treats as soon as we have our triangle and are back home safe and sound! I PROMISE! She pats him on the head and gives him attention.

Sherlock: Woof thank you! Come on let’s go! We’ve got an evil shape collector to defeat!

Isabella: Okay!

 Scene 10 i)

Cut to the Evil shape collectors castle where they are in the process of making the shapes.


ESC: Bring me all FOUR triangles so I can make a TRIANGULAR BASED PYRAMID. The triangles must all be the same size, and each have three pointy corners, and three straight sides all of EQUAL length! Mwhahahaha!

Scurrying off to fetch them and bring them back

Sk: Here we are master. Passing the triangles over one by one. 1….2….3….and with the little girls triangle, 4! And I can assure you they are are of perfectly equal size and length just like your asked!

ESC takes the triangles from Sk and holds them as if they were treasure

ESC: Ahhhh Brilliant! I can almost see it now…My very own triangular based pyramid….AT LAST! It will have 4 Faces, I’ll use one of the triangles as the base of the pyramid and the other three triangles as the side faces. It will have 4 corner points and 6 edges!

Scene 10 ii)

ESC puts on some science goggles and begins to put together the triangular pyramid when ISABELLA and SHERLOCK ENTER but are stopped by the SK


Sherlock: WOOF WOOF! STOP!

Isabella spots her triangle as ESC picks it up to fix into its place in the Pyramid


Sherlock: seeing some of the remains of the dog biscuits on the floor WOOF!!! And they’re my Yummy Doggy Treats!!! Woooof!

Isabella: We know what evil things you have been up to and we won’t let you get away with it! The people of Shape town need their family shapes back!

Sherlock: WOOOF! Look over there! I’m sure that’s Mrs Dollysmith’s circle but it’s already been transformed into a 3D Sphere! Woof! It is just like she explained: One round face and no corners!

Go get the sphere and recap the properties by showing them.

Sherlock: Look, it looks just like football!

Isabella: pointing to the cube And over there! One of the square faces on that 3D Cube is Mr Woodworth’s family square!

Go get the cube and demonstrate the properties

See, it has 4 equal sides and 4 corners when its 2D, but when it’s put together with other squares it is just as Mrs Dollysmith described! 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 corners!

ESC: Oh do be quiet! You don’t really expect me to listen to the cries of a silly little girl and her pooch do you?!

Isabella: But you’re upsetting all the people you stole from…didn’t your parents ever teach you that its bad to steal?

ESC: No. They were shape collectors too…but…sniffles and tries to hold back tears…But I don’t want to talk about it! Pulling himself together very suddenly and aggressively. MORGAN!!! Get rid of the girl and her mutt so I can get on with the last stage of my master plan and finally reach ultimate power!!!

SK goes to get Isabella and Sherlock and escort them from the castle 

SK: Yes master!

Sherlock: Wooof! Woof! You won’t get away with it!

Isabella: But why are you doing this!? Surely there is more to life than stealing things that don’t belong to you and making people sad? Think of the poor people in shape town…how upset they will be when they realise their families shapes are missing!

ESC: I’m Evil…caring about people’s feelings isn’t exactly my style!

Sherlock: WOOF! I can’t believe you stole my treats!

Isabella: Isn’t there something else you could do instead? Anything? Perhaps something you wanted to be as a child…you couldn’t have always wanted to be an evil shape collector..?!

ESC: Well….when I was growing up I did dream of becoming a florist…

SK: Surprised A florist?!

Sherlock: amused Wooof! ahaha! You a florist?! WOOF!

ESC: embarrassed almost brushing the remark off defensively But anyway, that’s in the past now! Move aside and let me get on with my master scheme!!! mwaha


Isabella looks defeated

Isabella: Maybe we should just give up Sherlock…I’ll just have to tell Granny what happened and tell her I’m sorry…

Sherlock: Woof! We can’t give up now we are so close and we have come all this way. Besides we made a promise to Mrs Dollysmith and we can’t let the people of shape town down! They are counting on us!

Isabella: You’re right! ……AH! Sherlock I have an idea!!!!!

Isabella whispers in Sherlock’s ear several times accompanied by dog sounds and nodding head I agreement as they plan

Isabella: GO FETCH!!!

Sherlock runs round the back of ESC and grabs the half completed pyramid and takes the triangle back.

ESC: Oi give that back!

Sk: Master….


SK: Maybe the girl and dog are right. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this. I QUIT! I’M TIRED OF YOU BOSSING ME ABOUT ALL THE TIME!

ESC: But…you’re my evil side kick…how am I supposed to be an evil mastermind if I don’t have a side kick!

Isabella: You don’t have to be an Evil Villain! If you shared the shapes with everyone else you would have just as much fun and you could make friends instead of enemies. You could even become a florist!

ESC: sniffle I’d never make any friends…who would want to be friends with me???

Isabella: Don’t be silly, if you stop with your evil plans and start being nice to people instead of stealing from them, then you’ll make friends in no time! Let’s start by giving all the shapes you stole back to the people of shape town. Me and Sherlock will help you! And I’m sure Morgan here will too!

Sk: Of course! I’d be happy to help!

Sherlock: Wooof! Me too!

ESC: Okay! It’s a deal!

Isabella: Let’s go and give the shapes back then get home to Granny for tea!



CODA – Scene 11

Granny, Isabella and Sherlock are sitting drinking tea and listening to the radio News Broadcast.

Newscaster: Breaking News Live from Letteropolis! The townspeople of Shapetown are to be reassured that the recent outbreak of missing shapes has been resolved, with all stolen shapes returned to their original owners, and so this no longer proves a threat to –

Door bell rings. Sherlock Barks excitedly at door. Isabella opens the door. ESC and SK enter wearing an apron and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Granny: Welcome!

ESC: offering flowers These are for you.

Granny: These are beautiful, thank you!

SK: gives Sherlock some dog treats And these are for you Mr Bones.

Sherlock: Yummy!!!

Isabella: Now who’s for tea?







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